Couple wins Rotary awards

Sep 30, 2015
At the Lake City Rotary Charter Club celebration Sonda Featherstone was recognized with the Paul Harris Fellowship award. The presentation of the Paul Harris Fellow recognition is the Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its humanitarian and...

Class of 1950 gathers for annual reunion

Sep 30, 2015
Lincoln High School classmates of the class of 1950 met for their annual reunion on Thursday, Sept. 24 at Port 104, commemorating 65 years.  Eighteen class members out of a possible 36 were present, plus nine guests. The  graduating class size was 56, plus four “classmates-along-the way.”  Present...

Class of 1965 celebrates 50 years

Sep 30, 2015
The Lincoln High School class of 1965 celebrated their 50-year reunion at Port 104 on Sept. 19.  Shown above, seated front, from left: Wesley Moechnig, Maxine (Swenson) Olson, MarLynn (Fischer) Melara, Linda (Meincke) Dankers, and Bill Dankers; seated second row: Rose Behrns, Sharron (Steffenhagen...

Class of 1945 members gather for lunch

Sep 30, 2015
Members of the Lincoln High School class of 1945 gathered for a noon luncheon at The Jewel on Saturday, Sept. 19 to celebrate their 70 year reunion.  There are about 20 of the original 49 class members still living. Seated, from left: Dorothy (Dettmer) Heitman, Janis (Tiedeman) Rabe, Jean (Rutz)...

Quilt is given in 1950 class drawing

Sep 30, 2015
Ken Sprick (left) was the winner of the drawing held for a quilt at the 65th reunion of the Lincoln High School class of 1950.  Classmate Fran Mountin (right) made the quilt. 

The meaning of art

Sep 30, 2015
The definition of art is the expression of a person’s creativity and imagination that is appreciated by others, mostly for their beauty and the emotions that are brought from the artwork. “Art is an external manifestation by means of lines, colours, movements, sounds, or words of emotions felt by...

Student athletes

Sep 30, 2015
In Lake City, there are many high school students that are involved in sports. These student athletes have to learn the skill of time management while taking on a heavier load of responsibilities being balanced between the classroom, and out on the field. Throughout the school year there are three...

iPads: Hassle or investment?

Sep 30, 2015
Lincoln High is now iPad central.  Especially, with the new addition of the seventh and eighth graders to the program.  Only thing is, has the school finally stepped over the line?  Is this amazing tool being wasted in their hands or even wasting the students?  Is it too much of a distraction? Is...

Academic performance

Sep 30, 2015
During the school year, many kids don’t get enough sleep, maintain a healthy meal system,  or keep up with a weekly basis workout routine. What are skills that can help? Who is it affecting? How is it going to get fixed? Where is this problem occurring? Read on. Studies show that kids at any age,...

First Robotics

Sep 30, 2015
First Robotics is a team that builds and programs a robot to do a specific task and competes against other teams at the competitions. They do not start building until the competition announces what the goals are.  Therefore, the team has to work hard to prepare during the six weeks before the...


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