Letter: Wabasha County Republicans visit the state capitol

Mar 21, 2018
To the editor:On Friday, March 2, 12 Republicans from the Wabasha County Republican Party traveled to St. Paul to take a tour of the State Capitol building, arranged by Sen. Mike Goggin.We traveled via a 12-passenger van rented from Kuehn Motors in Rochester.  Jerry Snow was our driver and Beverly...

Letter: Let's preserve a downtown treasure

Mar 14, 2018
To the editor: A couple of weeks ago I read in the Graphic that the old Nat Peterson building at 113-115 S. Washington Street was up for sale. I hadn’t seen the second floor auditorium for a long time, and the current owner, Phyllis Thiel, kindly agreed to give me a tour. After walking up the 12-...

Letter: Migrators miss out on lake's winter beauty

Mar 14, 2018
To the editor: Shelters are gone and the ice fishing season has ended. The lake looks lonely and desolate. The shipping season has begun. Soon we’ll hear the crunch and crackle as ice gives way to the weight of barges. We used to hear the boom when a barge with a steele point rammed the ice,...

Letter: Snowy streets cleared in no time

Mar 14, 2018
To the editor: To the Lake City Street Department, thank you for doing a masterful job on our city streets on our last snowfall. The city was cleaned up in no time. When I went to work at 7 a.m. all streets were clean, safe and driveable. Being able to accomplish getting the downtown streets...

Letter: Small-town life a blessing

Mar 7, 2018
I really feel blessed to live in a small town. People know their neighbors and are so willing to help each other. I have several neighbors who are willing to come to help if they see me out shoveling my driveway. I don’t even ask for the help but they volunteer. I do a friend‘s driveway...

Letter: Toboggans can be rebuilt, freedom is irreplaceable

Mar 7, 2018
To the editor: March! Warmer temperatures, lots of snow. Perfect for a sliding party. We’d head out to the golf course with our sleds. Yes, the golf course, Things certainly have changed. We had no idea what golf was and never thought a thing about who owned that perfect sliding hill. Our mothers...

Letter: Five for Food returns with more sponsors and a higher match

Feb 28, 2018
To the editor: Five for Food, an annual initiative to raise money for the Lake City Food Shelf begins on March 1 and continues through March, which is Food Share Month. In the past three years, Five for Food has raised over $53,000, which has allowed the Food Shelf to purchase over $200,000 in...

Letter: A simple formula for a beach revival

Feb 28, 2018
To the editor: There was a time when the Lake City bathing beach resembled the water parks of today (only on a smaller scale). The focal point was a giant wooden slide. At first glance it almost resembled the roller coaster at the fair. Closer inspection revealed carriages that would ride a rail...

Letter: County commissioners doing their best

Feb 21, 2018
To the editor: I write this letter after reading a letter to the editor in the Feb. 8 issue (“Hospice inaction was inexcusable”). I appreciate all the hard work and dedication from Commissioners Brian Goihl, Mike Wobbe, and Rich Hall. My interpretation of their work and “common sense” is that...

Food shelf donations go farther in March

Feb 21, 2018
March Food Share Month starts March 1 and runs through March 31. Food donations and money are collected for the Lake City Food Shelf and those numbers are sent to Minneapolis. Some funding for our Lake City Food Shelf comes from Hunger Solutions from the total numbers of food pounds and money...


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