Letter: Band shell rationale ought to apply to Highway 61

Sep 19, 2018
To the editor: I attended last week’s council meeting and found the discussion about where to locate the proposed bandshell very interesting. The Bandshell Taskforce submitted their findings and voted, 7 to 4, to locate the bandshell in Patton Park, and made that recommendation to the council....

Letter: Bike communer will appreciate three-lane

Sep 19, 2018
To the editor: As a three season bicycling commuter between my home on the north end of Lake City and the Public Works building on the south end, I often ride Highway 61 on my way home. I follow the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) through downtown which follows the lake shore and does not run on...

Majerus: Goodhue County spends too much, on the wrong things

Sep 19, 2018
To the editor: Taxpayers of Goodhue County do not hold your money too tight, because three commissioners want to take more than what is needed from you. This year’s Preliminary budget is a proposed increase of 9% or an additional 3 million dollars taken out of the private sector in the county....

Mayor: Environmental commission up and running

Sep 19, 2018
To the editor: Earlier this year our City Council chartered an Environmental Commission to recommend strategies and supporting projects related to improving Lake City’s environment. The nine-person team, consisting of Chairman Jim Schreck, Secretary Tom Lundahl, Bob Parrott, Dennis Hatleli,...

Letter: More than just a highway

Sep 19, 2018
To the editor: Lake City is going through exciting times. We have the opportunity to make some much-needed changes to our beautiful city and focus on ensuring its bright future. The Highway 61 Reconstruction Project scheduled for 2020 is way more than just an updated highway. It’s a chance to...

Letter: No going back once three lanes are complete

Sep 19, 2018
To the editor: I can see drive-arounds on county roads. The impression is Lake City is the only city that doesn’t have three lanes. The interests of Lake City are more important than the interests of the State of Minnesota. This is something that can’t be undone. Ken Lyons Lake City

Letter: Re-elect Greg Schreck

Sep 19, 2018
To the editor: Lake City City Councilman Greg Schreck has a track record of accomplishments, both personal and with our city. I worked with him and others on several projects including the Community Bikes, painting downtown buildings, and the beach house improvements. The highway and the beach...

Halvorson: Roughing it isn’t what it used to be

Sep 19, 2018
The older I get the more important the creature comforts become. Camping used to mean a sleeping bag under the stars. That was back when I was asked to assume the task of girl scout leader. In those days you didn’t need much training, today it’s much more complicated.Growing up in a large family...

Letter: Three lanes would be heavenly

Sep 19, 2018
To the editor: I write as a grandfather of a 10 year old who loves to ride bike when he visits his grandpa in Lake City. I support the three lane project because it will provide a safe, separate bike/pedestrian path for my grandson and me to ride. It will also slow traffic down so my grandson...

Letter: Trouble Spot’s identified

Sep 19, 2018
I’m back with more comments from the sidelines and with too much time on my hands. I won’t beat around the bush but after seeing my fourth person this year - two kids on bikes and two older women at separate trouble areas in one of many sidewalks, they need real attention. One serious accident is...


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