Old Curmudgeon - 10-19-17

Oct 19, 2017
The 1972 Webster’s Dictionary describes “Curmudgeon” to mean “An avaricious, churlish fellow; a miser; a cantankerous fellow.” This Curmudgeon has been writing an editorial column since 1972. First in the Dodge County Independent published in Kasson, Minn. and later in the Rochester Free Press and...

Letter: School system benefits everyone

Oct 19, 2017
To the editor: The suggestion in a recent letter that property owners who don’t have children in school should pay a lower tax rate was jaw-dropping. We have all benefited from the public school system that was paid for by our parents and grandparents and countless citizens who had no students in...

Bluff View Principal: Why more space?

Oct 19, 2017
Elmentary School Lake City has a strong tradition of supporting the needs of our school district. Many people are wondering why more space is needed at Bluff View Elementary School. Bluff View was originally built in 1975 and 20 years later, in 1995, additional classrooms and gym space were added...

Letter: 'Yes' vote is for parents, not kids

Oct 19, 2017
To the editor: You may have noticed signs around town saying “Yes for Kids.” Well don’t let anyone convince you that it’s yes for kids. It’s yes for parents who would rather have some one else pay for their childcare/daycare. [Editor’s note: Both the school district’s pre-kindergarten...

Letter: Slogans are like water skis; you can use two

Oct 19, 2017
To the editor: In reading the recent Graphic I noted Dan Coyle’s question to the city’s recent famed visitor Rudy Maxa as to the best slogan for the city publicity.  Rudy commented on “Birthplace of Waterskiing” versus  the recently created “Minnesota’s South Shore”. My encouragement is for the...

Letter: HAHS: Spay-ghetti lunch was a success

Oct 18, 2017
Thank you for your support by attending our recent Hiawatha Animal Humane Society Spay-ghetti Lunch at the Lake City VFW.We are happy to report that it was a great success.  Also, we thank the VFW for generously providing a place to hold the event.Thanks also to our local Girl Scouts for helping...

Letter: Many ways to vote 'Yes' for Bluff View referendum

Oct 11, 2017
To the editor: Lake City citizens have the wonderful opportunity to vote to make room for our children to grow. The vote for the 2017 school referendum is Tuesday, Nov. 7. To have the ability to vote in Minnesota, you must first be a registered voter. You can start the registration process...

Letter: Yes vote is a chance to repay community for investing in my children

Oct 11, 2017
To the editor: The importance and benefits of early childhood education (ECE) to a student’s learning curve over time is a well documented fact.  Those facts are summarized in a letter to the editor by High School Principal Greg Berge in the October 5 Graphic. As a past volunteer at Bluff View...

Old Curmudgeon - 10-12-17

Oct 11, 2017
Johnny Appleseed Day did not get rained out completely. A number of people set up tents in Patton Park and the event at the Sportsman’s Club was well attended. The last Saturday market of the season was also noted. The spirit of celebration was evident by a black-clad witch dancing in the window...

Letter: Public support for referendum can make Lake City more attractive to families

Oct 11, 2017
To the editor: As a former Community Education Director for Lake City Public Schools, I encourage citizens to vote yes for the Bluff View Elementary School Improvements Bond Referendum on Nov. 7. Community Education (CE) programs are fee based and serve ages from birth to senior citizens,...


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