What Makes Lake City So Special? Hospitality!

Jul 10, 2024
If you happened to be watching local news last week you might have seen the interview with Zak Rivers, the Paddling Cellist who is canoeing down the Mississippi to New Orleans with his cello. Fortunately for Zak (and for us) he landed in Lake City when flood conditions forced a delay. The Lake...

Travis Dunn helped solve downtown grease dilemma

Jul 10, 2024
For several years summertime on a busy block in Lake City’s downtown meant flies, a terrible stench, and an awful view. The alley between Fiesta Jalisco and the Family Restaurant was home to two large grease collection receptacles. Keeping grease out of our sewer system is important and...

Thanks for bringing fireworks back

Jul 10, 2024
Thank you to all the folks that worked to bring fireworks back to Lake City. It was a beautiful night to sit by the lake and enjoy them. A few years ago the chamber had coffee cans at many establishments in town and people would drop their change or a few dollars into the cans to go toward the...

Ohl: The Radio

Jul 10, 2024
As young lads Dwight and I would lay on the living room carpet in front of the big console combination record player (78 rpm) and radio to exercise our imaginations while listening to our favorite programs. The Green Hornet, Amos and Andy, Jack Benny, Our Miss Brooks, The Shadow, and The Lone...

Sprick, Bremer to be inducted into Canterbury Park Hall of Fame

Jul 10, 2024
The Canterbury Park Hall of Fame’s newest members, breeders Cheryl Sprick and Richard Bremer and Minnesota-bred thoroughbred racehorse Hot Shot Kid, will be inducted during a ceremony July 12 at the Shakopee racetrack, the park said in a news release. “These inductees join a group of more than 50...

The resonance of history

Jul 3, 2024
History is not something to be ignored; it is the narrative of humanity. Everything and everyone has come from what we were, and so will everything that will be. Recognizing the significance of history has made me realize its profound impact on shaping our world today. From the rise and fall of...

Ohl: The Polka Guy

Jul 3, 2024
We wheeled around the dance floor often out of control and caroming off other couples since I had not learned how to steer (lead) very well. I thought I saw excitement in my partners eyes, as we whirled and twirled around the floor, but it may have been fear. Overall, I thought I was dancing to the...

Rep. Altendorf’s ‘Harmful Atmospheric Activity’ bill could prove burdensome to farmers, law enforcement

Jul 3, 2024
We need legislators at our Capitol who work for us, and research and understand the implications of the bills they support. Rep. Pam Altendorf has cosponsored legislation for which it appears she hasn’t done her homework. The legislation she supports could affect farming operations and places a...

Why does history matter to me?

Jul 3, 2024
My mother has always been a “history buff.” I never truly understood why for quite some time. Why would she love learning about something that happened in the past? Why does she care what our ancestry is? It took years for me to find an appreciation for history and all that came with it. In my...

Wabasha County Public Health Spotlight: Resources for healthy kids

Jul 3, 2024
We are excited to announce Wabasha County Public Health Spotlight, a monthly newspaper column that is debuting in July. Public Health will be contributing articles about health-related subjects, wellness tips, details on the programs available in Wabasha County and much more! Our objectives are to...


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