Nov 29, 2023
We have all experienced physical pain of one type or another, and we know people have different tolerances for pain. The topic often debated is what’s the most severe pain we could experience. Number one on my list would be the pain of a kidney stone. I have had this issue three times. Two bouts...

Tiger Talk: Gratitude, facilities, audit, planning, and advisory committee

Nov 29, 2023
Each year on Thanksgiving Day, family and friends gather and often share gratitude. As I reflect on the start of the school year, I am grateful for our students. They are curious, confident, unique, thoughtful, caring, and joyful. If you are looking for a way to boost your spirits this holiday...

Can we work together to slow down and respect our home town?

Nov 22, 2023
In the interest of public safety and the citizens and guests of our beautiful town, I’d like to ask why the traffic on Lakeshore Drive is allowed to exceed the posted speed limit of 30 MPH. My husband and I love Lake City and are blessed to live on Lakeshore Drive but are frustrated as we watch...

Ohl: Chickens

Nov 15, 2023
What do you call a chicken that crosses the road? --- “Poultry in motion.” Well, they aren’t exactly “poetry in motion” with their waddling gait and stupid grin, which is the only way a chicken can grin. Chickens have taken over our lives when we weren’t looking. Back in 1960 the average...

Surplus should be returned to the people

Nov 8, 2023
Only five months after the end of the legislative session, Minnesota government is once again flush with cash. Recently, the office of Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) issued an end-of-biennium budget report indicating a projected surplus of $2.4 billion. You likely remember that back in...

Ohl: Worrywart

Nov 8, 2023
I worry unduly which is the definition of a worrywart. I come by this malady naturally as my mother was the queen of worriers. When she would see or hear something upsetting, her head would slowly shake side to side and we would hear the tongue clicking sound “tsk, tsk.” If there should be a lack...

Environmental commission: Salt, while essential, is harmful when misused

Nov 8, 2023
Salt is essential for life on Earth. It has been used by humans for thousands of years, from food preservation to being a form of currency. While salt is necessary for human health, too much salt or salt in the wrong place can harm or even kill almost any living organism on the planet. Salt can...

Food shelf needs your help

Nov 1, 2023
Perhaps you have the desire to help your fellow citizens. Perhaps you are wondering what contribution you could make to society in your retirement. Perhaps you have a flexible schedule and could fit in some time to give to the Lake City community. Regardless of why, the Lake City Food Shelf...

Ohl: Car Talk

Nov 1, 2023
I admit it, I talk to my cars, and have even been known to give them a pat on a fender as I walk by. I am a car guy, but also an anthropomorphist which is defined as the art or practice of attributing human form or qualities to an animal, plant, or material object. I don’t think talking to my car...

Happy to provide visitor information

Oct 25, 2023
In the summer I rode my bike along the lake front and provided information to the tourists. If they saw pelicans I said the town leased them from a place in Florida and brought them up in a truck. If there were no pelicans I said the lease ran out. When the paddle boat was out, I mentioned that...


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