Tips for helping wildlife through cold weather

Jan 26, 2022
The Hiawatha Animal Humane Society is temporarily out of adoptable pets. So instead of a pet of the week, this week, I have a clipping I would like to share from theguardiansofrescue.org. Foods that will help our wild friends during cold weather: • Uncooked oats • Cereal • Cooked rice (ideally...

The American revolution continues with Feb. 1 caucuses

Jan 26, 2022
This past month the fourth grade students started learning about the American Revolutionary War. They learned that one of the main reasons for the war was that the English citizens of the American colonies did not have any representation in London, England at Parliament – the ruling legislative...

Grateful for local support

Jan 26, 2022
We would like to thank all the Lake City businesses and families that helped sponsor us by allowing us to join the rest of the Just for Kix girls from around the country. This opportunity allowed us to perform during both the pre-game and half time shows during the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Fla....

Grateful for fire department response

Jan 26, 2022
Dear Lake City Fire Chief Dan Patterson, It is with deep gratitude that we recognize the excellent work of the Lake City Fire Department. It was our property on Park Street that caught fire from an errant space heater. Your department’s outstanding, quick and thorough fire fighting prevented the...

Fun community events are out there, if you know where to look

Jan 26, 2022
If you were not at the Saturday, Jan. 15 concert at Lake City Area Arts (LCAA) you missed out on a fabulous musical event. A trio of musicians headed by PK Mayo provided two hours of non-stop American music that represents country, rock and roll, blues, and folk. The musicians offered high...

Councilmember’s behavior warrants reprimand or dismissal

Jan 26, 2022
Lake City’s Planning Commission’s role is to review all development proposals set forth within the zoning and subdivision regulations. To those not aware, their Jan. 4 meeting was turned into a one-ring circus by the Lake City council member serving as a liaison to the Planning Commission,...

Mistrustful of city actions on apartment proposal

Jan 19, 2022
I’m writing to express mistrust with city actions regarding the Hickory Way apartment project by Keller-Baartman. The developer Keller-Baartman stated (October 2021 planning meeting) that he was told by city staff that Cemstone was off limits, not available for his project. For a city desperate...

Residents deserve explanation on council Hickory Way votes

Jan 19, 2022
This note is to clarify some of the comments I made during the Planning Commission’s public forum for the Keller-Baartman multi housing proposal. The one voted against 5–2 by the Planning Commission but recklessly was approved 5-2 by the council weeks later [Editor’s note: This was a concept-stage...

Cemstone is the right place for rental housing

Jan 19, 2022
The City of Lake City purchased the approximately 100 acre Cemstone site located along 10th Street near the police station in 2006 [Editor’s note: The city public safety building was built on the Cemstone property itself and completed in 2017. At the time the public safety building was at 211 S....

Forestry committee: Trees please

Jan 12, 2022
Imagine for a moment living in a place with no trees. Where would you go for shade on a hot day, what kind of wildlife would you see, how barren would the landscape look? Lake City has long been known for its pleasing canopy of trees, some of which are hundreds of years old. But age, disease, and...


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