Ohl: Shy guy

Jan 25, 2023
Looking back, I would have to admit to being a timid youngster, and evidently it showed. Even the resident barn yard rooster knew I was no threat. Whenever the fowl spotted me, he charged, sending me on a wobbly run for the safety of the house. This terrorist activity only lasted a few months...

Chamber to cease hosting Fourth of July fireworks

Jan 25, 2023
The Lake City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and staff would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for all of their assistance over the last several years to help fund and support the Fourth of July fireworks. However, after much discussion and consideration, our organization...

Stuck motorist finds two more reasons to love Lake City

Jan 18, 2023
Yesterday, like many male septuagenarians, I was feeling my oats and looking for a place to walk my dog for his daily “poop” run. The trail choices were narrow because of the amount of snow and snowpack on most of the trails After surveying options I decided to take the Jewel Trail just off of...

Getting a charge out of winter

Jan 18, 2023
I am serious when I say I am a human hairball. I am certainly not proud of this condition, but I seem to have no control over it. Not only has it had a negative effect on my life, but has caused problems for my family, my friends and acquaintances also. I have attempted to deal with this situation...

Thanks for keeping city safe during snow storms

Jan 11, 2023
Thank you, thank you! To the city of Lake City leaders and all employees for keeping our city safe and clear of snow and without power outages during our recent snow storms. Our streets were clean and safe, the power was on with no black outs like other cities had. Also for Patton Park’s...

Ohl: Ditch skiing - Part 2

Jan 11, 2023
We had a lot of early snow that winter. My brother and I had taken full advantage of it by skiing the road ditches whenever we had a chance. Since it was now mid-February we had already skied many miles and it showed in the skill we had developed. Sure, it was still a challenge to avoid wiping out...

SMIF grateful for our partners in 2022

Jan 4, 2023
At the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) our motto is collaborating for regional vitality, and we do our best to live up to that commitment. In each area of our work – early childhood, entrepreneurship, and community vitality – we are mindful of partners in the state and region with...

Ohl: Ditch skiing - Part 1

Jan 4, 2023
I was born before television existed in homes, but managed to survive until about age 14 when a small black and white TV appeared in our living room with two snowy channels available for us to peer at. Television would soon improve, but at that time it did not hold the attention of two young,...

Food shelf volunteers grateful for support

Jan 4, 2023
December 2022 was a big month for the food shelf to distribute food to families in need. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we served 136 families—giving away 13,565 pounds of food. Youth (ages 0-17 years) served: 131 Adults (ages 18-64) served: 208 Seniors (ages 65 and up) served:...

Review broadband map to improve access

Dec 28, 2022
Recently, Governor Tim Walz announced that internet providers will receive nearly $100 million in funding to expand broadband coverage to more Minnesotans. This largest-ever grant round is estimated to extend new high-speed internet connections to more than 33,000 Minnesota homes and businesses...


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