Letter: Waltman was a true public servant

Feb 7, 2019
To the Editor: It is with a heavy heart that I write. I recently moved from Lake City and when reading the on-line edition of the Graphic, I saw that a dear friend and true public servant passed away. To Terry Waltman and family, my deepest sympathies. Mary Lou was a true public servant, who...

Why I love where I live

Jan 30, 2019
There have been moments throughout my life when opportunities arose to move to a different part of the state of Minnesota, or even a different part of the country. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love living in southern Minnesota and that there are many reasons why I choose to stay here. As the...

Roller rinks

Jan 30, 2019
I remember when there were roller rinks in almost every town, that was before the introduction  of roller blades.We went from clamp on skates, where we needed skate boys to fit the skates, to shoe skates.The first rink in Lake City was a portable rink located right next to the harbor where the...

Letter: Ice boats demonstrate city's four-season potential

Jan 24, 2019
To the editor: Several Lake City businesses received what might be considered late Christmas gifts, thanks to different groups of ice boaters from around the six- or seven-state area coming here to race on Lake Pepin, on three consecutive weekends! Some racers arrived and boated on each Friday....

Halvorson: River of tears

Jan 24, 2019
I recently attended the round table at the library. The subject was World War II. It brought back memories of my teen age years. I was 14 when we were listening to a concert on the radio and the program was interrupted with the announcement that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor. As an innocent 14...

Looking ahead to 2019: Lake City Chamber of Commerce

Jan 17, 2019
Happy New Year! We are excited for the year ahead and could not be happier with all the amazing things that occurred in 2018. We made some big changes in 2018 including moving our chamber office to a new location, creating new educational opportunities for members and citizens, revitalizing the...

Halvorson: Small Town, Minn.

Jan 17, 2019
When I think back to my childhood where else could a child experience such diversity? We played kick the can, run sheep run, I’ll draw the frying pan, and inny anny over. We had the lake for swimming, fishing and boating and the play park with wonderful equipment for the whole family. There was a...

Looking ahead to 2019 - Lake City Sportsman's Club

Jan 17, 2019
If you haven’t been to the Lake City Sportsman’s Club (LCSC) in the last seven years, you’re in for a surprise. Recent years have brought big changes to the clubhouse, including renovated upstairs and downstairs bar areas, two new decks overlooking Lake Pepin, and many more updates. As we look...

Task group forms to push for interpretive center

Jan 17, 2019
We have a dream to create a Lake Pepin Interpretive Center in Lake City and have shared our ideas with the Historical Society, Economic Development Authority (EDA), and Destination Lake City (DLC) organizations. We are now in the process of forming a task group and welcome input from the entire...

Looking ahead - Lake City Tourism Bureau

Jan 17, 2019
Lake City Tourism Bureau, Inc. is a non-profit corporation operated by a dedicated group of volunteers. Our Mission is to “improve and enhance the Lake City economy by attracting tourism and promoting tourism based businesses and activities.” Funding for our efforts is provided by a 3 percent “...


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