Criminalizing mental illness hasn’t worked

Feb 24, 2021
Decades of failed mental health policies have placed law enforcement on the front line of mental illness crisis response and turned jails and prisons into the new asylums. Laws outdated treatment laws demanding a person become violent before intervention, the reduction of institutionalization,...

Direct support professionals deserve a living wage

Feb 10, 2021
What is a DSP? Direct support professional. Some other titles you may be more familiar with are nurse, job coach, family care provider, personal assistant, personal care assistant, and habilitation specialist. DSPs assist people with daily living and work activity. Depending on an individual’s...

Caring for pets in cold weather

Feb 10, 2021
The Hiawatha Aminal Humane Society doesn’t have a Pet of the Week for this week, so it’s sharing tips from Faunology to keep your pets safe in cold weather. 1. Provide Warm Shelter - Ideally, your pets should live the majority of their lives inside with you. It is most critical in the winter....

Penny: Collaboration is the way forward

Jan 27, 2021
When I served in Congress, I was dedicated to representing my southern Minnesota district. I was not there to simply vote the party line; I did my best to take into consideration the differing political ideologies that existed at the time among my constituents. As a legislator, I made it a...

Fontem: Legislature should help fund life-saving cancer screenings

Jan 27, 2021
Editor’s note: Pam Fontem is a volunteer with the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network. Cancer affects everyone but it doesn’t affect everyone equally. Over 4,600 Minnesota women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and around 140 will be diagnosed with cervical cancer. The...

McCoy: How National American Miss impacted my life

Jan 20, 2021
Editor’s note: The Graphic is republishing the essay for which Alexis McCoy won the first place in the Young Author Award at the National American Miss pageant over Thanksgiving weekend at age nine. Have you ever had an experience in your life that changed who you were? Well that’s me, Alexis! It...

Knudsen: Goggin wrong on pandemic

Jan 20, 2021
Sen. Mike Goggin, in your Lake City Graphic opinion piece on Jan. 6, you wrote: “The ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic will be front and center once again...The pandemic is serious, but the urgency has passed.” You posted this the day after you participated in voting down a mask mandate...

Exciting year ahead for Lake City Area Arts

Jan 20, 2021
Happy New Year from Lake City Area Arts! 2021 will be an exciting year for us at Lake City Area Arts. Now that 2020 is over, some familiar faces have ended their time serving Lake City Area Arts and other new board members bringing new energy and ideas to the board. Pat Blum retired from her...

Departing Chamber director: Lake City rallies like no other

Jan 20, 2021
The love and support has been felt each and every day over the past couple weeks. It took me weeks to say thank you to the hundreds of emails, messages, and comments I received upon announcing my departure from the Lake City Chamber. It was overwhelming and incredibly heartwarming. The love and...

Butler: Riot should lead to impeachment, expulsions and criminal charges

Jan 20, 2021
The whole process of the transfer of power from one administration to another is a big deal—important for the event itself and for its symbolism. The process represents the faith, the trust, we put in our democracy, in its value to ourselves and freedom-loving peoples around the world. On...


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