Providers: COVID-19 surge puts healthcare services in jeopardy

Nov 11, 2020
Our region is in its greatest fight against coronavirus. We are seeing increased infections, hospitalizations and deaths in our communities. Our staff are strained. Our testing sites have longer lines and higher positivity rates. We were able to flatten the curve and avoid tragedy last spring and...

Redmond: Your support was overwhelming

Nov 11, 2020
Thank you to everyone who supported me in my bid to become mayor. Unfortunately our shared vision for a truly transparent city government was thwarted by the narrowest of margins. Hopefully, this is the wake up call the mayor and council needed to see. They don’t have carte blanche to only do...

Parrott’s passing left a huge hole in many

Nov 4, 2020
As a former journalist, in our lengthy career and life’s journey, we meet and encounter many people. Most meetings are just a passing “fleeting” moments but a handful garner and establish a very long term friend relationship, and that is why I am writing my memories of Bob Parrott. The journey...

Rose Sale has a good year despite snow, pandemic

Nov 4, 2020
In spite of the fresh October snow and the COVID-19 pandemic the Lake City Kiwanis Club has had a very good year for the Rose Sale! We wish to thank the people of Lake City for their support. A big thank you goes to Carolyn Wenzel of Lake Pepin Floral and her vendors for supplying the beautiful...

Finding hope in dealing with mental illness

Oct 28, 2020
Being told that you have a mental illness is not the end of the world. With help and support, you can recover and achieve your life’s ambitions. Of course, you will face many challenges as you begin your new journey, but there is hope. Mental illnesses are manageable. And there are a number of...

SMIF CEO - Building connections for a stronger southern Minnesota

Oct 28, 2020
Autumn, with its changing colors and temperatures that encourage us to move indoors, is a natural time to slow down and contemplate life. At Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF), we use this time each year to reflect on the partnerships that have resulted in a stronger southern...

After traveling the world, thankful for leadership at home in Lake City

Oct 21, 2020
For many, 2020 can’t be over soon enough. The pandemic has affected everyone in one form or another. Some have sadly succumbed to the disease, others are grieving, many have been isolated from loved ones and millions have lost their jobs. It can’t be easy to feel upbeat and positive during such...

Compare state senate candidates on climate and healthcare issues

Oct 21, 2020
When comparing the candidates for MN Senate District 21 there are several things you should consider. On the issue of climate change: Mike Goggin who is a project manager for the Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant has: a. publicly stated that man is not responsible for any climate change issues b...

DeVinny: Lake City has persevered

Oct 21, 2020
As my first term on city council comes to a close, I reflect on all that has been accomplished and am energized by the work that lies ahead in this community. I won’t list off all the areas I believe this city is making progress on, as I will exceed the word limit. I would like to highlight...

Happy to be a part of Library Friends’ success

Oct 21, 2020
I was so excited to see the article last week about the Friends of the Library. I love Lake City and having worked at the Rochester Public Library for 27 years, I naturally love our library. We have one of the best. It was so good to see the article about all the people who have volunteered to be...


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