Condo design disappointing

Jan 31, 2024
I can’t begin to express how disappointed I am at the Aurora Condominium design. I was led to believe the building would have street level retail space that would serve the community and help make downtown Lake City a destination. Instead it looks like we are tearing down the old jail and part of...

Longtime caucus-goer answers common questions

Jan 24, 2024
Editor’s note: Roberta Kurth has been attending caucuses for 46 years. What important event is taking place on Tuesday, February 27, 2024? Minnesota precinct caucuses at 7 p.m. How often do they occur? Caucuses occur every 2 years in an even year. The date is set by the major party chairs and...

Ohl: Sports Fans

Jan 24, 2024
Most of us have been or are sports fans. I go back to high school times as a player, then as a coach and later as a spectator to give you my impressions of the different types of fans. I feel there are seven different categories in which you, I, and people we know could be identified. The first...

Continuing the mental health and suicide conversation: Connection and belonging

Jan 24, 2024
Many of us have the opportunity to create space for connection, caring and sharing. These are true in the moment opportunities to break down years of stigma around mental health that today still so greatly impacts well-being and health for so many. Stigma only leads to silence. And silence about...

Ringers raise over $9,000

Jan 17, 2024
In a little over 30 days Salvation Army Bell Ringers in Lake City collected very generous donations totaling $9,033.17. That amount increases total donations collected here to over $50,000 in the past 10 or 11 years! A big thank you goes to Phil and Lori Nyberg for letting us ring in front of...

Ohl: Snowflakes

Jan 17, 2024
The only way I can stay reasonably sane during the nasty months of January and February with the cold, the darkness, dry and cracked skin, and cabin fever is by concentrating on my winter hobby. I am among a handful of Minnesotans who collect snowflakes which was pioneered by Wilson Alwyn Bentley...

144 children benefit from Kiwanis Toy Project

Jan 10, 2024
Lake City Kiwanis thanks the many people who donated toys and cash to the Toy Project this year. One change since Covid-19 is that less toys are donated but cash donations have increased. This allows us to purchase toys as needed. We served 58 families with 144 children and were able to meet our...

Ohl: Slam Dunk

Jan 10, 2024
You pick up the donut and smash it into your cup of coffee. The hot coffee splashes everywhere and the cup shatters. That is not just a dunk, but a “slam dunk!” You didn’t miss the cup, you got everyone’s attention, and received satisfaction. That is also how the basketball term, dunk, originated....

Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance fund drive a success

Jan 10, 2024
Please share with Graphic readers that their December donations to the Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance (LPLA) played a big role in helping the LPLA take total advantage of the $50K worth of “Match Money” made available from a couple of area families! Note: The match opportunities ended Dec. 31. Given...

A few favorite things from 2023

Jan 3, 2024
As the holiday season winds down and we start to look ahead to the new year, I always like to take this time to reflect on, and celebrate, the accomplishments from this past year. At Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF), this means thinking back on the ways that our partners helped to...


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