Lake City racking up losses

Jul 12, 2023
I’m a summer resident on Marina Point. These are the places and things Lake City has lost in my 8 years here: • Nosh, Railhouse, and Margo’s Rustic • Water feature on the first water ski memorial • Marina tennis courts and beach house by the lake • 58 trees (my count) • Open area on the point •...

Honor Flight was a way to honor uncle, thank veterans for their service

Jul 12, 2023
In May, ninety two veterans and their guardians flew to Washington D.C. from LaCrosse, Wis., on the 28th Freedom Honor Flight. I was extremely honored to serve as a guardian for the flight. The Freedom Honor Flight is an organization run solely by volunteers that has a simple goal: To fly our...

Ohl: Those foul fowl

Jul 5, 2023
If you happen to wave at me when I am out walking, don’t be offended if I fail to wave back. You see I seldom notice anything except the ground before me. No, I am not searching for a lost button or coins. I developed this manner of walking as a farm boy where we had chickens roaming about. I do...

In search of members of the Lincoln High class of 1954

Jul 5, 2023
Invitations have been sent for our 69th Class Reunion to be held on Friday, Aug. 4, at Port 104 in Lake City at 1 p.m. for lunch. It has come to my attention that some addresses have been changed since some of the invitations have been returned unopened. I’ve also sent some through email and, some...

Civility was a success

Jul 5, 2023
This note is to let you know Larry Foster’s letter last week inviting people to gather and calmly discuss political opinions was very successful. Those present and participating in the one-hour cordial conversation included Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. While we did not have the time to...

Food shelf grateful for donations of requested items

Jun 28, 2023
We would once again like to thank all of the organizations and individuals who helped us by donating items that are the most requested by our patrons. Thank you for helping others. You are appreciated!

Ohl: Shiver me timbers

Jun 28, 2023
There are many terms and expressions in current use which had their origins long ago in the days of sailing ships. For instance, a sailor who “knows the ropes” was experienced in handling the sheets or sails. When you are, “three sheets to the wind”, you have probably lost control. Sailors used to...

Ohl: Parades

Jun 21, 2023
Community celebrations and the parade season are upon us. Most of us have enjoyed parades as spectators and some of us as participants. There are hazards lurking in both! While in school, I learned to play the trombone and eventually took part in band concerts and of course the marching band. We...

A trial run on civility

Jun 21, 2023
As I observe today’s public state of affairs, I conclude that we live in a hyper-polarized society--politically, socially, spiritually. While having strong opinions and beliefs on a spectrum of issues is proper and even admirable, villainizing others with equally strong opinions and beliefs...

Ohl: Buggy, Again!

Jun 14, 2023
I moved from the rolling flatland of southwestern Minnesota to Caledonia in the southeastern corner of the state in 1970 to take over a high school teaching/coaching position. I discovered there was a lot to learn about this unfamiliar bluff country they called “the driftless area.” It was late...


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