Student writing: All-school play under new direction

Oct 9, 2019
Every year brings winds of change in all programs at Lincoln High School of Lake City, Minnesota. For better or worse, new administration usually remodels them the most. This year, Ms. Wait stepped down from directing the All School Play after 12 years. Ms. Rogness, an experienced drama instructor...

Letter: City should follow its own example with former public safety building site

Oct 9, 2019
To the editor: Lake City residents hear it often: Lake City is so beautiful! In fact, it’s accepted wisdom that Lake City attracts newcomers and pleases residents with its beauty. When over 100 years ago, residents built a city hall so impressive it rivaled, even surpassed, many a county...

Grisim: Everyone plays a role in school bus safety

Oct 9, 2019
Riding the school bus is a great way to get children to and from school. It’s a lot safer than other methods of transportation and provides access to school for about 26 million students each year. However, there are still risk factors associated with riding the bus that parents, children and...

Letter: Fire department opened doors to rained-out vendors

Oct 9, 2019
To the editor: On behalf of the Johnny Appleseed Day crafters and vendors, I’d like to thank the Lake City Fire Department for allowing us to use their facility on Saturday. The rain made it difficult to keep our event outside and we are grateful to our wonderful fire department for opening their...

Student writing: Gossip affects students

Oct 9, 2019
Everybody at some point in their life have been victims of gossip or false rumors. Gossip can take place anywhere, and it mostly affects students at school. So, why do students gossip about students’ personal lives? “Some students are not mature enough to deal with this kind of situation, and they...

Letter: Highway project should be done in two stages

Oct 9, 2019
To the editor: I would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce and all involved in putting together the informal question and answer meeting related to the 2020 Highway 61 construction project. It was amazing to learn that the project has come this far without someone in the city doing an “economic...

Student writing: How do seniors decide their futures

Oct 9, 2019
Not even a quarter into their lives and seniors must make a decision that will impact them forever. This choice will affect how much money they make, what they do every day, and, ultimately, how happy they are. For most students, their post-secondary plans include more schooling. For others,...

Letter: Patton Park should be preserved and S. Oak travesty not repeated

Oct 9, 2019
To the editor: Many thanks to Don Schwartz and John Albright for their articulate and timely letters to the editor of last week. Don wrote about the need for a process to ensure electric line replacements are put underground to avoid a repeat of the travesty on South Oak Street. Many healthy trees...

Letter: Share what you value about Patton Park

Oct 9, 2019
To the editor: In my letter of Sept. 17 to The Graphic regarding Patton Park, I used the word “minimal” in describing usage. And I stated the park was “grossly underutilized.” So last week’s response letter saying I made “unproven claims” could be considered accurate. I erred in not making it...

Letter: What a disaster – I felt like crying

Oct 9, 2019
To the editor: A long time ago someone I greatly admire said, “I’m too old to cry but it hurts too much to laugh.” That’s how I felt when I witnessed the stumps of twelve beautiful old trees on South Oak Street. The recent tornado was bad enough, but the aftermath of the disastrous storm was...


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