Letter: Indoor Memorial Day program was excellent

Jun 5, 2019
To the editor: Initially I was disappointed the Memorial Day program needed to be moved inside. I could not have felt more differently when this year’s program was over, as it may have been the most meaningful Memorial Day program I have attended. The Color Guard, the speakers, the music, the roll...

Letter: Every Day is Memorial Day

May 29, 2019
To the editor: Monday was a exceptional day in our nation in celebration of Memorial Day. Lake City was definitely the place to be at a celebration that was outstanding and emotionally moving. Team Bruce Carlstrom deserves recognition for the effort given of a gift to the community of folks of...

Quist to Memorial Day audience: History Matters

May 29, 2019
Editor’s note: The following speech was delivered at the Lake City Memorial Day Observance on May 27.   Thank you for the kind introduction, thank all of you for coming today – to honor our veterans and their families — fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, children, friends, and...

Letter: Congratulations on a successful Tootsie Roll campaign

May 23, 2019
To the editor: The Lake City council of the Knights of Columbus wants to congratulate the businesses and citizens of Lake City. Your donations have allowed our campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities to distribute an average of $2,670 per year for the last 10 years. An average of $267...

Letter: Drop in power outages due to utility employees' hard work

May 23, 2019
To the editor: If the winter of 2019 reminded you of the winters of your childhood you are not alone. Consistent heavy snowfall, icy sleet and bone chilling temperatures brought back memories of an old fashioned Minnesota winter. As a child I remember shoveling snow for weeks on end, inching out...

Letter: Students push to reduce plastics

May 23, 2019
To the editor: We are fifth graders trying to make an eco-friendly community. As part of that goal we have contacted Railhouse Grill and asked them to stop using plastic straws and they have agreed to try. We are very thankful of that and we wanted to publicly thank them for their actions! It...

Letter: Thanks for supporting aluminum drive

May 22, 2019
To the editor:I submit this letter of appreciation and thanks to the community of Lake City. Having said that, let me explain my thoughts and purpose. Approximately four years ago, Lake City Lions members John Bantley (now deceased), former members Roger Klauer and Jerry Dieltz, and Lion Ed...

Letter: Donors gave 84 units of blood

May 22, 2019
To the editor:Red Cross Blood donors during the May 16-17 drive in Lake City contributed 84 units of blood during the May Trauma Awareness month campaign.  On Thursday, May 16, technicians collected 52 units blood; on Friday, May 17, a total of 32 units were donated.A total of 176 units of blood...

Borner: Sesquicentennial preparations have begun

May 15, 2019
Editor’s note: The following letter was the basis for remarks delivered during the public forum portion of the May 13 meeting of the Lake City City Council.   To the Lake City mayor and city council: I am Lois Borner and I am coming before you with what is starting out as a citizen initiative....

Mayor: City showing progress in 2019

May 8, 2019
Spring in Lake City is a wonderful time of the year. The beauty of our community is amplified by fresh air and the new beginnings of the land coming alive. Our city municipality is also cognizant that the change in seasons means time marches forward reminding us that our community has goals,...


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