Consider donating for trees in Lake City

Oct 7, 2020
If you are concerned about climate change, improving the aesthetics of our city, or just desire to be a good neighbor and citizen by leaving a lasting legacy, consider donating to the tree fund in Lake City. Over the last several years, our city has lost a large number of trees to insects,...

Grateful for council leadership

Oct 7, 2020
Living on Lakeshore Drive has meant weeks of carrying everything to and from the parked car half a block away, with weeks still to go! While that may sound pretty awful, it’s given me a day-to-day close up on the work. Lo and behold, what seems like almost pointless digging and refilling and...

Make American stand for universal human values again

Oct 7, 2020
I remember when America stood for universal human values like: truth, respect for our neighbors, strong moral leadership, outreach to those less fortunate, cooperative engagement with the world, respect for science and protection of the environmvent, inclusivity for all Americans, regardless of...

Make cancer an election issue

Oct 7, 2020
As a cancer patient/survivor/caregiver, I know how important the decisions of elected officials are to people with cancer and their families. Lawmakers at every level play an enormous role in enacting policies that help people prevent and treat cancer. This election season, I’m joining the American...

Mead seeks write-in votes

Oct 7, 2020
Okay Lake City, it’s time to right a wrong. After a city council member stepped down due to illness, the mayor and city council were allowed to fill that vacancy with a person of their choosing. And rather than go with the people’s vote and choose a candidate from the last election with the most...

No more swearing on campaign signs

Oct 7, 2020
My name is Elsie, I know how to read. I’ve seen some inappropriate signs and I would like to stop that so we can keep this community kid friendly. Signs should not have swear words on them.  

Trump is a national security threat

Oct 7, 2020
As a retired lieutenant colonel, I am gravely alarmed at the threat to our national security created by President Trump and his enablers. Understand, this statement is not made lightly nor without supporting documentation. Trump’s lack of understanding of the history, complexity, and ramifications...

Another milestone for ‘second train’ effort

Sep 30, 2020
After years of advocacy for expanded passenger rail in the Mississippi River Route, the Great River Rail Commission is extremely excited that the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has announced a $31.8 million grant for capital improvements that will help make the Twin Cities-Milwaukee-Chicago...

Deadline for election letters is Oct. 19

Sep 30, 2020
As part of its efforts to help readers to have a voice in political issues and make informed decisions at the polls, the Graphic publishes letters to the editor on political issues. The deadline to submit a letter for consideration before the Nov. 3 election will be Monday, Oct. 19, at 4 p.m....

Highway crew working hard

Sep 30, 2020
I would like to congratulate all the guys and gals who are working on the Highway 61 reconstruction project. They are all hard workers. I see them every day out there working - rain or shine, hot or cold - doing their best to get the job done. I see no slackers, just hard-working people who know...


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