Letter: Replacing the stigma of mental illness with hope

Oct 11, 2018
This year, Oct. 7-13 is Mental Illness Awareness Week, a time to shine a light on mental illness and replace stigma with hope. Mental illnesses are very common in the world today - one in five adults’ experiences a mental illness in any given year. Mental illnesses can affect anyone, regardless of...

Letter: Rollie’s spirit lives on in highway plans

Oct 11, 2018
To the editor: Sixty-two years ago, Park Board chair Rollie Roschen sat down with Minnesota highway officials and, as part of plans for Hwy. 61, negotiated 1,000 feet of beachfront and four acres of prized lakefront land for a Lake City park. The valuable land is still state-owned, but that...

Halvorson: The Sense of Smell

Oct 11, 2018
Sometimes when I sit down to write it’s hard to choose a subject. This week Huettl’s anniversary reminded me. I always loved the smell of a butcher shop. It reminds me of when I’d go there with my grandmother. That would remind me of kindergarten and my classmate Ida Jean. And the neighbor with...

Halvorson: Childhood memories a comfort in old age

Oct 3, 2018
Watching the little ones with their back packs waiting for the school bus reminded me of kindergarten when I was young. Of course back then there were no school busses’ or backpacks. Kindergarten was in it’s infancy and guidelines were still unclear. I was allowed to enroll at age 4. All that...

Letter: Close call shows why three lanes are needed

Oct 3, 2018
To the editor: Last year, at this time I helped decorate the city for the fall season. I was helping to put up the corn stalks. I was crossing Hwy. 61 carrying corn stalks in front of me. Two cars had stopped for me, one going north and one going south. I got to the middle of the street and out of...

Letter: Don’t put a band-aid on Highway 61

Oct 3, 2018
To the editor: The time is right for Lake City to make a commitment for long-term improvement not only for the many motorists traveling on Highway 61, but the residents of this community. The options available can only be defined as a temporaray fix (mill and overlay) or a long-term solution not...

Letter: Opinions not backed by facts aren’t worth much

Oct 3, 2018
To the editor: I have lived in our beautiful City 53 years, witnessed many local elections, but this year I question the process. I know for a fact, that all persons running for any elected office receive a packet from the Secretary of State. It provides each candidate with important guidelines...

Letter: Putting the voice of the people over personal agenda

Oct 3, 2018
To the editor: First I want to thank everyone for voting for me at the primary election and hope that you will vote for me at the Nov. 6 election. I received a letter from the Chamber of Commerce saying that they are having a meet the candidate forum Oct. 25 at 6:30 p.m. I am sorry to say that I...

Letter: Special assessments, dubious benefits on Lake Zumbro

Oct 3, 2018
To the editor: Lake Zumbro property owners in Wabasha County got their pockets picked at the Olmsted-Wabasha Joint Powers Board Assessment Hearing on Sept. 12 as appeals were quashed and assessments for the dredging project were locked and loaded. Now, it’s just a matter of paying your assessment...

Letter: A band shell would extend Ritz’s Patton Park legacy

Sep 26, 2018
To the editor: As a former Lake Citian, I’ve been able to re-visit Patton Park. When driving or walking by I “see and hear” Ritz’s (Steve Ritzenthaler’s) marching band. They came marching by the park on Water Ski Days with their newest routine. How many different uniforms over so many years?...


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