Letter: Introducing SWCD candidates, mission

Oct 25, 2018
Every time election year rolls around, I unfailingly hear… “What is the Soil and Water Conservation District?” at least once or see someone post the question on Facebook. We are increasing our efforts at public awareness and hopefully more and more people get to know us. This year, the Wabasha...

Letter: Keep Haley working for us

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: Just two short years ago Rep. Barb Haley was able to convince the state legislative bonding committee to stop in Lake City while on a bus tour from Red Wing to Wabasha. (This was a big deal for them to stop here; it had never been done before). They had lunch at the Marina while...

Kevin Dather - 2018 School Board Candidate Questionnaire

Oct 25, 2018
Why are you running for a seat on the Lake City School Board? My employment for 33 years has been working in and with the public and private sector as well as local, county, and state governments. Early on, I knew I would like to run for a locally elected position when I retired, so I could fully...

Kevin Pavelka - 2018 School board candidate questionnaire

Oct 25, 2018
Why are you running for a seat on the Lake City School Board? I am running for School Board because I think if you look at our school district you will see that the two biggest groups of people in our district are people that are either making a living as farmers or working in a manufacturing job...

Letter: Leadership transcends the issues of the day

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: There’s no shortage of opinions about the upcoming city council election in Lake City, but it does seem there is an integral gap in the conversation: who these folks are and the characteristics that make them the right leaders for our city. Issues are important, don’t get me wrong...

Mike Ohlhaber - 2018 School Board Candidate Questionnaire

Oct 25, 2018
Why are you running for a seat on the Lake City School Board? I have always wanted to give back to the community in some way; after having my first child, I realized that I had a passion for education and that serving on the school board would be a great way to make a contribution through ensuring...

Letter: Protect pro-choice

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: I hear so much about lowering taxes, less government over reach, more personal freedoms except when it comes to a woman’s body. The difficult choice to terminate a pregnancy lies with the woman, her partner, her family, her clergy or counselor, not the government. Tax money going...

Letter: Mead's public service commitment is dubious

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: Having been out of town for a couple weeks, I just finished previous issues of The Graphic. My letter is in response to council candidate John Mead’s letter, which more now than before has many voters believing his personal obligations and self-interests are not in Lake City’s best...

Letter: City is considering relocation, not removal, of point trailers

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: The letter to the editor submitted by a group of Marina Point residents last week was misleading and not factual as it related to the plan for Marina Point and Ohuta Park. I can clarify the information as I am currently on the Council that is addressing the issue of the beach house...

Letter: Sheriff candidate Kelly opts for unpaid leave

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: Even though the city of Red Wing has put me on paid leave, I have decided to voluntarily go on unpaid leave from my position as a Patrol Sergeant with the City of Red Wing. My focus throughout this campaign for Sheriff has always been to share my desire to serve and represent the...


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