Fiedler: We can care for others while protecting the fragile

Mar 25, 2020
Editor’s note: The following column originated as a Facebook post. It has been edited slightly. Social distancing is not something that public health officials are asking you to do because we want you to stop having fun, or to stop being neighborly. We are asking you to do social distancing...

It’s the right time for highway reconstruction

Mar 25, 2020
To the editor: As terrible as the coronavirus is it may have provided Lake City with the best time for the three-lane project to go forward. All knew that the Lake City businesses were going to take a hit due to the road work. Why not have this done at a time when many businesses would need to be...

It’s the wrong time for highway reconstruction

Mar 25, 2020
To the editor: Is it time to rethink Highway 61 construction? Can Lake City’s businesses take a one-two punch in the same year: coronavirus shutdown and road construction. Bars, restaurants hairstyle salons, etc., all closed down. A small business needs business to stay afloat. I think two hits –...

Mayor: City is responding to coronavirus pandemic

Mar 19, 2020
Leadership at the City recognizes our community is facing a period of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress for many citizens as we take on the challenges of the health pandemic. Our staff are communicating with and utilizing resources of a number of government agencies including Federal, State and...

Director: Food Shelf is a community effort

Mar 11, 2020
March has been designated as Food Share Month in Minnesota. As a part of this, the Lake City Food Shelf is the beneficiary of the funds raised through the generosity of the community and the sponsors of the annual Five for Food Initiative. Most have no idea of how members of our community, which...

Sheriff explains opposition to ‘Second Amendment Dedicated County’ resolution

Mar 11, 2020
Dear Citizens, Recently, I was approached by a group of citizens supporting the Second Amendment in Minnesota that wanted me to join them and get our county commissioners to create a Second Amendment Dedicated County. A Dedicated County is essentially a declaration of being dedicated to...

Wabasha County GOP holds convention

Mar 11, 2020
Wabasha County Republicans gathered on March 7 for their county convention. Delegates and alternates elected during the state precinct caucuses were present at the convention to hear from Republican candidates seeking the endorsement for the Second Congressional District. Other guest speakers...

Haley: Tax relief should be priority for $1.3 billion surplus

Mar 4, 2020
With Minnesota seeing a projected $1.3 billion surplus for the remainder of the budget year that ends this summer, a top priority for state lawmakers this session is to allocate these excess funds. My position is that the majority of this windfall should go back to Minnesotans, especially since...

Let Minneapolis be Minneapolis

Mar 4, 2020
To the editor: I write this from the comfort and safety of the Hennepin County Library near Lake Street in Minneapolis, just down the road from Bde Maka Ska. A local peace officer is milling around, chatting with acquaintances. Like many Lake City residents, I work in the metropolitan area, due...

Penny - Celebrating 25 years of national service

Mar 4, 2020
One of my proudest moments as a congressman was voting to support the creation of the national AmeriCorps program 25 years ago. Little did I know at the time how central this program would become to our culture of volunteerism and giving back to our communities. Even more surprising, and...


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