Don’t let public spaces go to pot

Mar 6, 2024
The Lake City City Council meeting on Feb. 12 was attended by 15-20 residents and four of them spoke to show support for the City to have a “Smoke Free Ordinance.” This request was made due to the concerns that legalized cannabis smoking along with the old issue of smoking can affect our City....

SMIF grant supports community beautification

Mar 6, 2024
I always look forward to the Paint the Town Grant cycle which offers free paint for various community beautification projects. In Peterson, the public library now has a mural on the side of the building that depicts a gnome mailing a letter, adding to a community-wide gnome theme which draws...

Ohl: The Ruling Class

Feb 28, 2024
No, I am not referring to kings, queens, presidents, etc. But, rather to real decision makers who must make critical choices by the barrelful one after another. They do not rule with a scepter or with political might, but with a mere whistle. Of course, I am speaking of sports officials. Being a...

Drazkowski: State legislature should end COVID-era remote voting rules

Feb 28, 2024
It has been four years since COVID swept through this country. Even though every other emergency restriction has ended, Democrats who are in the House and Senate majorities continue to operate the legislature under a rule set implemented strictly for the COVID emergency. You might be asking...

Haley embodies integrity, leadership, results

Feb 28, 2024
When I served Goodhue and Wabasha counties as your State Representative for 3 terms, my focus was always to serve with integrity, provide leadership in St. Paul, and deliver results for our communities. I believe that Nikki Haley embodies those same values of integrity, leadership, and results. I...

Trailers, towers, and tourists

Feb 21, 2024
Our Lake City Port Authority believes the best use for 303 S. Lakeshore Drive is to take this property that was donated by the Kwik Trip Corporation and sell it to a real estate developer who plans to build a four-story condo building. This donated parcel lies within the special lakeside zone...

A challenge to Lake City: Save the old jail

Feb 21, 2024
I would care to add my support to the “save the old jail initiative.” Over the past years there has been an effort to honor and celebrate aspects of Lake City history by a variety of groups. Sculptures have been created to honor figures important to the life of the city. Trees have been...

Public pot smoking a Pandora’s Box, immigration laws should be followed

Feb 21, 2024
I read the council article about whether or not they should make policy about pot in the park. I question the naivety of some of the council not wanting to take action. Let me give a bit of Lake City history. In 1975 the neighbor of the mayor and his wife, decided after drinking and drugs (pot), to...

Ohl: Snoots

Feb 21, 2024
You may not believe this, but we have an active, organized, Mafia-like nuisance gang right here in the county. But don’t panic, it is basically just a self-made “B” team. They call themselves Snoots, you know like someone having their snoot in the air because they are better than anyone else....

Ice history in Lake City

Feb 21, 2024
Well, due to warm weather we’ve missed our chance to celebrate The History of Ice in Lake City. That history lasted longer and bears more weight than water skiing stories. ln 1880 a Mr. Creco had a contract to furnish 12,000 tons of clear lake ice to a St Louis firm. That doesn’t count the 3,000...


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