Ohl: Blunders

Aug 16, 2023
Mistakes, screwups, flubs, I could write a book about mine, except there are some I would rather not share. We have all messed up many times in our lives. Hopefully, most of our miscues were of the minor variety. Regardless of the size or consequences of our gaffes, I think most of us have a few...

Ohl: A bolt from the blue

Aug 9, 2023
I walked into the high school office in my role as a Horace Mann agent, and I met Donna for the first time. I felt as though I had been struck by lightning, or perhaps it was just indigestion. We struck up a conversation. My skin soon began to tingle, my hair stood on end, I felt dizzy and began to...

Ohl: ‘E’ is for empty

Aug 2, 2023
It has only happened to me twice, but it has almost occurred dozens of times. I am referring to one of the most nerve racking, bone-chilling, heart pounding, and exciting things that can happen to a person – running out of gas! I can almost see the frown developing on your face and the quizzical...

Protect yourself by removing diseased trees from your property

Jul 26, 2023
We see them everywhere now, along the highways and in our own backyards, trees that have been infested with Emerald Ash Borer, and trees stressed by the droughts and storms of the last few years. They are either completely dead or have large dead branches. The City of Lake City removed 145...

Six reasons peer support groups can help with mental health issues

Jul 26, 2023
Over the past few years there has been an amazing shift in the world of mental health. People are beginning to understand that the mental health issues that someone may struggle with do not define them, and that they need support from their family and peers. The stigma that once hung over...

Bluff View teacher cultivates agriculture literacy skills

Jul 26, 2023
I recently had the privilege to travel to Orlando, Fla. for the annual National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization (NAITCO) Covnference from June 26-29. The conference is the premier professional development event for pre-K-12 teachers, volunteers, and professionals in agricultural literacy...

Ohl: The Name Game

Jul 19, 2023
Most people have three parts to their name: their given name or first name, their middle name (my dad never had one), and their surname or family name. We sometimes could add a fourth “unofficial” name which would be a nickname. During the mid-1800s, Scandinavian immigrants to the US were...

Lake City racking up wins

Jul 19, 2023
Having a “glass half full” outlook, I’m compelled to respond to last week’s “Lake City racking up losses” letter. It is true that there have been losses that my husband and I have experienced even in the 4 years since we moved to Lake City, including a few that were not in D.C.’s list. Change...

Remembering the irreplaceable Lorne McDonald

Jul 19, 2023
You can easily appreciate my surprise, almost shock, in returning from a long vacation and opening The Graphic, only to see that my esteemed friend, Lorne McDonald, had passed away back in Lake City. Yes, surprise and then a lot of sadness until I realized just one fact: Mission accomplished, “Mac...

Flags of Valor committee is grateful for donors, volunteers

Jul 12, 2023
The Flags of Valor committee of the American Legion Post 110 and its Auxiliary wishes to thank everyone who supported the event again this year. Over eight thousand dollars was donated to create the patriotic display. Thanks to all who donated in honor or memory of a loved one. Thanks to all...


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