Ohl: Fill ‘er up

Sep 20, 2023
I knew the engine was nearly running on gas fumes when I pulled into the service station and was given the disturbing news, they had no gas available today. “What!” I had a twenty-mile drive to work, and the tank was empty. But I wasn’t’ the only commuter in trouble. There were thousands of us in...

Wave preservation effort inspires poem

Sep 13, 2023
The Smithsonian Institute lists four major outdoor sculptures by artist Jack Becker in their Art Inventories Catalog of Smithsonian American Art Museums. Lake City has been blessed with one of these sculptures known as “The Wave” since 1976 in Ohuta Park. The others are: • 1978 “Two Swans”;...

Seawall replacement could claim a lakefront giant

Sep 13, 2023
The Lake City Forestry Advisory Committee and other community members met recently with city employees to talk about the changes coming to Ohuta Park. We learned that one of the last remaining heritage cottonwood trees in town could be in the way of the city’s plan to replace the Ohuta Park seawall...

Study indicates hearing loss interventions can slow cognitive decline in older adults

Sep 6, 2023
For more than 30 years, hearing healthcare professionals have been concerned about the association between hearing loss and dementia. As early as 1989, studies were published linking age-related hearing impairment to an increased risk of dementia. In the early 2000s, further research confirmed...

Ohl: The Big Guy

Sep 6, 2023
A gigantic fly has been residing at the Odney house. “Big deal,” you are probably thinking as you remember the huge fly that drove you wild when it buzzed through the house banging against the windows and screens. But the insect I am referring to is more than just an ordinary big fly. In fact,...

Historical society: Save the wave

Aug 30, 2023
The Lake City Historical Society (LCHS) board met Tuesday and reviewed its role in the preservation of the Wave Sculpture in Ohuta Park. This sculpture was erected by Lake City and its citizens in 1976 to represent the significance of Lake City as the birthplace of water skiing. It is currently...

Water aerobics season ends in gratitude, anticipation

Aug 30, 2023
As we close out the season at the O’Neil Pool, the ladies of Beth’s water aerobics class would like to extend a warm aquatic thank you to everyone who makes this wonderful Lake City resource available and functioning. Thank you O’Neil Foundation and others for building it and thank you City of...

Ohl: Labor Daze

Aug 30, 2023
When Labor Day arrives each year, my thoughts usually drift back to my first experience at earning wages. It all began when I discovered girls while in junior high. Sure, they had always been around, but girls had just been part of the group – you know, one of the guys. Now at age fourteen I was...

Ohl: football story

Aug 23, 2023
During the last part of August when area football teams are preparing for their fall campaigns, most men who once played the game experience memories of their gridiron days. The two per day practices, calisthenics, running, sweating, swatting hungry mosquitos, and trying to learn dozens of plays. I...

What constitutes loyalty to our city?

Aug 16, 2023
As we turned the chapter of our City’s 150th anniversary in 2022, it may be time to look back in history and reflect where we were in past years and what should or could be that position today? As one of our Silent Generation leading world figures eloquently stated, by Sir Winston Churchill, who...


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