Ohl: Deprived

Mar 27, 2024
If we have been on this earth for a number of years, we should be able to create quite a list of things we have accomplished or at least tried. But is there another list of items we have not done or attempted? Are we missing out on some experiences? I can’t speak for anyone else, but here are some...

Tiger Talk: An amazing month at Lake City schools

Mar 27, 2024
What an amazing month it has been at Lake City Schools! Our Robotics Team took third in their first tournament of the season. Our Lake City Band and Choir earned superior ratings at large group contest. The student art show opened at the Lake City Area Arts center. The speech team saw individual...

Taking a stand in favor of a smoking ban

Mar 20, 2024
My wife and I have been full-time residents of Lake City for the past 2 and a half years and we have been very impressed with the progressive nature of the city and the emphasis on improving the quality of life for all its citizens. We were disappointed, however, in learning that the City Council...

Seeking sponsors for ‘Find the Roach Hunt’

Mar 20, 2024
Announcing the first annual Find the Roach Hunt. Every week read the Clue to the location of the Official Roach (cannabis butt) in Lake City. Good luck! Encouraging sponsorship by Destination Lake City, the Marina Board, and any other persons concerned with: the veterinarian-spread cash cow myth of...

Ohl: The Tools of Ignorance

Mar 20, 2024
No one really knows who long ago coined the baseball phrase, “The tools of ignorance.” It was meant to point out that anyone who would don the nearly ten pounds of necessary protective gear to play a position that is inherently dangerous and difficult must be dimwitted. The term is ironic. A...

Whistling past the rail yard

Mar 13, 2024
In the long lamented days of the steam locomotive, train engineers had more freedom with the whistle. Some put wooden chocks right into the whistle and by artful use of the steam they could play tunes as they came into town or went roaring past. I never heard that myself but there have been so...

Council should educate itself on the dangers of second hand cannabis smoke

Mar 13, 2024
As days get longer, the ice is gone from our beautiful lake and we start to smell fresh cut lawns and blooming fields - are we ready to also have to discern the smell of a skunk or weed at our Thursday market, various festivals or our beloved Water Ski Days? That seems to be what the city council...

Tiger Talk: Staff recognition, contracts, budget, strategic plan, advisory committee

Mar 13, 2024
At Lake City Schools our staff cultivate excellence in a safe and welcoming environment that empowers students for the future they choose. During the month of February, we recognized some staff for their contributions to our students’ success. It takes many people with specialized skills to provide...

Ohl: A kamikaze jog

Mar 13, 2024
I seem to recall that I used to be nimble and quick or was that in a dream. Anyway, last fall I realized I was slowing down a little when I turned over a board in the yard and found three snails under it. I caught one, but the other two got away. The following week I was nearly run over by a car...

Ohl: Golf Anyone?

Mar 6, 2024
If you meet a person on the street who has a faraway look on their face and you notice a slight tremor in their voice when they speak of the coming Spring, don’t be alarmed. Chances are they are just one of the many local golfers who are impatiently waiting to hit the links just as I did years ago...


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