Letter: I'm voting Democrat to protect friends and neighbors

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: Like many of you I have spent many hours recently trying to pick a new medical insurance plan for next year. It is frustrating and expensive. I am lucky I am on Medicare, but lately I read Republican Senator Mitch McConnell talking about cutting Medicare and Social Security to pay...

Letter: voting for true midwestern values

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: One occasionally hears the phrase “our midwestern values” solemnly referred to on political ads. My understanding of midwestern values is exemplified by family and neighbors who come to the aid of others in the community when they are having a rough time. This could be a town,...

Letter: We can do more to bring fresh produce to our kids

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: With October being National Farm to School month, I want to express my strong support of farm fresh foods being served in school cafeterias nationwide. I wear many hats, all of which are connected to local foods. I am vegetable farmer, a vendor at the farmers market, and the manager...

Letter: Better-than-expected fundraising means more good work in the community

Oct 18, 2018
To the editor: On September 20, 2018, Lake City Lions continued their mission of conducting an event to: 1. Raise monies for events/programs/projects which are endorsed by the Lions, and 2. Have a superb meal and an evening of fun and enjoyment. For seven years Lake City Lions have held a fund...

Letter: Beware of big money in local politics

Oct 18, 2018
To the editor: Big money is buying local elections. Beginning last summer big money lined the major streets of Lake City with huge red and white signs and stuffed our mailboxes with over a dozen large glossy fliers of their candidate. We all know that Barb Haley “promotes affordable housing” and...

Letter: Clark will put people over party

Oct 18, 2018
To the editor: Lori Ann Clark was raised on a Minnesota farm, studied and received a MBA in Venture Management and started and now runs a successful small business in Cannon Falls. She is also running to represent her neighbors as their state representative. Lori Ann believes strongly that our...

Letter: Daisee lives, thanks to alert drivers

Oct 18, 2018
To the editor: Our little rescue dog, Daisee, escaped in an incident involving a stray cat. If not for some alert and kind motorists, she would not have survived one crossing of N. Park Street and two runs across Hwy. 61 with us in pursuit! We owe special appreciation to the woman in the light...

Letter: Do it right, and do it soon

Oct 18, 2018
To the editor: Here’s more from the sidelines. First off, after last week’s paper I wish to address the negative feelings on all of the already-approved projects. Let’s quit kicking the sleeping dog and move forward regardless so people are allowed to have their opinions on anything they want. So...

Election letters due Oct. 22

Oct 18, 2018
With the Nov. 6 general election approaching, the Graphic reminds readers that the last opportunity to publish a letter about the election will be in the Oct. 25 issue of the Graphic. Letters to the editor about the election must be submitted to us by Monday, Oct. 22, at 5 p.m. for publication in...

Letter: Exciting program brings local produce to school lunch trays

Oct 18, 2018
To the editor: When I was eating school lunch in the 1970s, there were just two days I looked forward to: spaghetti day and pizza day. The mystery-meat hamburgers and overcooked vegetables, and hard, cold mashed potatoes were just bad. My children have been eating school lunch for the past decade...


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