Community support made after graduation party a resounding success

Jun 14, 2023
The Lake City After Graduation Party Committee would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the businesses and families in our community for their incredible support in making the after graduation party a resounding success. The event, held on the evening of Sunday, June 4, following the...

Ohl: The first car

Jun 7, 2023
I don’t think I could remember every car I have ever owned as there are quite a few. Some are memorable for their beauty or power or durability and others I would like to forget due to their issues. However, I think we all remember our first car. My first was a ‘54 Mercury Monterey two-door...

Lake City Historical Society announces History Matters essay contest winners

Jun 7, 2023
This year’s winners of the Lake City Historical Society History Matters Essay Contest were Alaina Hansen—who was awarded $300 as the first place winner—and Grace Ackerman—who was awarded $200 for second place. They were selected based on their understanding of why the study of history is...

History Matters essay contest second place winner

Jun 7, 2023
Editor’s note: The following essay won second place in the Lake City Historical Society’s History Matters Essay Contest. History is a living thing; a moving thing. It is composed of us, and we are composed of it. We build it with every breath — each fleeting action carves our stories into that...

Memorial Day program a moving reminder of the price of freedom

Jun 7, 2023
A special thank you to all who participated in the Memorial Day program. It was very moving and a great reminder that our freedom didn’t come free. So important at this time to realize how many lives were lost to gain our freedom and be aware that we must protect this precious gift. The band was...

Legislators voted no on bill that included city amendment

May 31, 2023
A correction regarding the Ohuta project. Rep. Lee, DFL, authored HF 669 and 670, the bonding bills that included the project. Sen. Pappas, DFL, authored the companion Senate bills 669 and 670. Representative Altendorf voted “no” on the bonding bills. Sen. Drazkowski, a long-term opponent of...

Penny: SMIF supports small towns

May 31, 2023
Summer is a wonderful time to take a drive through our state. In southern Minnesota you can enjoy beautiful lakes, bluffs and small towns. Chances are, you may already live in one of those small towns. Of the 173 communities in south central and southeastern Minnesota that comprise our region, only...

Ohl: Trains

May 31, 2023
Most people do not have a direct relationship with trains other than being delayed while waiting at one of the four crossings for the daily 20-25 of them to pass through Lake City. The wait can test our patience as the trains have greater length than in the past. Of course, they must sound their...

Ohl: Rocks

May 24, 2023
My grandfathers were both retired farmers. My dad’s father had three sons who farmed, and he would still help them out when he could. I was 8 or 9 years old in the early 50s when the accident happened. Grandpa was operating the single row corn picker when he accidently attempted to harvest a piece...

Outage yet another reason to put utilities underground

May 10, 2023
After reading the May 4, 2023 Graphic article “Squirrel cuts power to much of town”, I came up with another reason to put overhead electric wires underground. In addition to underground wires being safer, less costly to maintain, and less invasive, they are also squirrel proof. I can’t help...


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