State lawmakers should pass laws, not play games

Sep 30, 2020
Quit playing games. Every year our state legislators go to St. Paul to craft legislation that should benefit all Minnesotans. But this past session, after months of committee meetings and endless hours of debate, the house and senate failed to pass the 2020 bonding bill. The $1.8 billion bonding...

District 21 needs a new Senator

Sep 23, 2020
Senate District 21, our District in the Minnesota Legislature, needs a new state senator. This man is family farmer and solar developer Ralph Kaehler. We need a new Senator who has a track record of producing results of interest to us in Wabasha and Goodhue Counties. Ralph Kaehler has this track...

Focus on real threats, not political pranksters

Sep 23, 2020
I read with interest the article in the Sept. 10 edition of the Graphic about political yard signs and some local residents’ outrage that signs representing both major parties appear to have been stolen. The anger at these minor offenses is misplaced given the real political crimes being committed...

Graphic should be a place to debate more than just local issues

Sep 23, 2020
As a former resident of Lake City and as a subscriber to The Lake City Graphic, I’d like to challenge your policy about letters to the editor admonishing writers to “Keep it Local.” Don’t get me wrong. Local issues are important. But there are other non-local issues that are important, too. If, as...

Preventing COVID-19 spread is up to everyone

Sep 23, 2020
COVID-19 has changed our community. Six months ago, when we began responding locally, no one could have predicted how much. We have endured Stay At Home orders side-by-(virtual) side, and are working under Stay Safe recommendations together. The disease has had economic, physical, and mental...

Redmond favors referendums on major city projects

Sep 23, 2020
I’m John Redmond, a life-long, current full-time resident and candidate for mayor of Lake City. Along with my sons Tom and Sean, we own and operate four businesses in Lake City. Wise ACE Hardware, US Gas, Ace Rental, and Redmond Environmental (manufacture of grinder pumps). The majority of my...

Sign thefts show a lack of respect for democracy

Sep 23, 2020
Another Biden/Harris sign stolen from a front yard in Lake City. How sad that someone feels the need to trample another person’s right to their own opinion. The first amendment to our country’s constitution guarantees our individual right to free expression. This is what makes America truly great...

The case for mail-in absentee ballots

Sep 23, 2020
In a democracy all those eligible to vote should be able to so safely. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a problem for everyone to vote in person. Minnesota – the state with the highest voter turnout - is allowing registered voters to apply for a no excuse absentee ballot by mail or...

Voting early, in-person was a huge relief

Sep 23, 2020
As I left the Wabasha County Old Courthouse Annex, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted. I had voted on the first day of in person voting. All the worries about slow mail, long lines, lost ballots and COVID fear had disappeared. The people working behind the plastic screen had quickly guided...

A message to people who don’t understand mental illness

Sep 16, 2020
This is a message to the people who just don't get it when it comes to mental illness. First, please understand that mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety are real. They are medical conditions, which have been documented, studied and proven to exist. You need to...


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