Flag redesign process was democratic, long overdue

Jan 3, 2024
Correction. The Minnesota state seal from territorial days was pushed by one person—Henry Sibley, over the objections of territorial Governor Alexander Ramsey and the state legislature. All of them recognized it as hostile to Native Americans. Sibley enacted genocide by starving, killing,...

Ohl: A Small Town

Jan 3, 2024
Minnesota has three classifications of towns: farming towns, tourist towns, and mining towns. Of course, some towns are a blend. There are 740 towns in this state, 594 are small towns. The Census Bureau defines a small town as one with a population of less than 5,000. I think certain larger towns...

Think about saving the cottonwood trees

Dec 27, 2023
Has anyone been thinking about the Cottonwood trees along the lake and how we are going to lose them? I have and I think it will be a wrong move to chop them down. We need the trees for their beauty, their resting places for the eagles we love to watch and just because they have been there so...

Ohl: Christmas gifting

Dec 27, 2023
Men often seem to have a flaw within them that creates anxiety, sleeplessness, and almost a panicky feeling when it comes to choosing a gift for a loved one. This feeling intensifies as Christmas approaches. The affected males are noticeable by their pale faces, shaking hands, and enlarged darting...

Unhappy with flag process

Dec 27, 2023
By now you have probably seen the new flag and seal selections. Some of you may have even followed along with the commission meetings during which the flag and seal were chosen, and modified, from thousands of original submissions. The final choices can be found here, if you haven’t seen them yet:...

Park resplendent, and a little squirrelly

Dec 20, 2023
Patton Park is resplendent this holiday season with lights all over the park, especially high in the trees along Lyon Avenue. Normally those lights would be strung up with bucket trucks and firetrucks and expanding rigs that carry workers up the sides of buildings. But this year in an exciting...

Thanksgiving dinner committee gives thanks

Dec 20, 2023
Thank you to the congregations of the First Congregational Church, First Lutheran, Bethany Lutheran New Hope Baptist, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, St. Mary of The Lake, Redeeming Grace Community Church, St. Peter’s of Belvidere and Valley View Assembly of God for their donations of food supplies....

Petitions lead to the return of in-person voting in two Wabasha County townships

Dec 20, 2023
In 2024, Wabasha County will drop from nine mail-in voting precincts to seven. This is a result of grassroots efforts made by hundreds of citizens who petitioned their Township Officers to abolish mail-in voting and return to in-person. Both Hyde Park and Elgin Township officers were presented with...

Ohl: Christmas

Dec 20, 2023
Once upon a time in a world not unlike the present I truly believed in elves, fairies, the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and other assorted, mysterious beings that were said to be out there somewhere. How could I as a kid, question the existence of these interesting, unseen characters...

Mayor is grateful to hear visitors’ stories, and sometimes see rare birds

Dec 20, 2023
As Mayor of our wonderful city, I have a unique perk - a free pass to walk up to anyone and with a smile ask, “What brings you to our town?” After introductions, the initial cautiousness quickly dissolves, and the responses are often similar - “What a beautiful vibrant community you have.” These...


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