Join us in voting Kaehler for state senate

Oct 21, 2020
My wife Joanne and I have already voted for Ralph Kaehler to become the only active farmer in the Minnesota Senate. Joanne grew up on a dairy farm and she recognized the qualities of sincerity and honesty in Ralph that convinced her to vote for him as she served as a delegate to the Wabasha County...

Marina point changes will come as surprise

Oct 21, 2020
It sounds like people were surprised by the Lake City natural gas improvement project and the associated disturbance of public and private property. People will be surprised this spring by the destruction of the green space and trees on Marina Point when they move seven additional trailers to the...

Nichols has the right qualities to lead

Oct 21, 2020
I was pleased to see so many wonderful letters supporting Mayor Mark Nichols for mayor in this past week’s Graphic. I see no purpose in repeating what others have written. Mark has always shown a genuine concern for the health and welfare of others. This is the most important quality to look for...

No more election letters

Oct 21, 2020
This is the last issue where letters about the 2020 election will appear in Graphic before the Nov. 3 general election, except under very narrow circumstances where a candidate is allowed to rebut a claim made about them in a letter in this week’s issue. To read all the election letters and other...

Novak: I stand for vitality, transparency, opportunity

Oct 21, 2020
I was born and raised in Lake City, Minnesota. My maiden name was Coleman. As a teenager I was the smiling face you saw at Fiesta Foods and Pepin Heights. I have very deep roots and my family lineage stems back to the original founders of Lake City. My grandmother Betty was a Dwelle. She married...

Peters: Strength, dedication, and passion for Lake City advocacy

Oct 21, 2020
I am running for the city council and have lived much of my life in Lake City, growing up and working in the community. This experience enabled me to see business climate changes over the years and the impact of many events that affects our city. I have a passion for life and the wellbeing of Lake...

State rep. unresponsive on water, the environment

Oct 21, 2020
Question: Do you think your elected representatives should be responsive to their constituents needs? I do. Angie Craig is the hardest working U.S. Congress person I have ever seen. She is out in this district all the time, holding town halls, and meeting with businesses, schools, farmers, about...

Time for a change of leadership in Lake City

Oct 21, 2020
I think it is time for a change in leadership for the community. Mayor Mark Nichols and several on the city council like Jason DeVinny and Russell Boe are out of touch with the people of this community and the needs of the community. This can be demonstrated by a couple of their recent decisions...

Vote for one step forward, not two steps backward

Oct 21, 2020
In 2007 there was a popular country song titled “One step forward two steps back” which was done by the Desert Rose band. Well today, Lake City is faced by this one step forward or two steps back dilemma. Do we move forward or do we move two steps back? What I am referring to is the mayor and city...

A fortunate city, indeed

Oct 14, 2020
Lake City could not be more fortunate in having a mayor like Mark Nichols. Mayor Nichols has been instrumental in leading Lake City into the future. Author Alan Lakein describes planning as “Bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” In order to do that, a...


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