Civility discussion group meets Oct. 26

Oct 18, 2023
The Civility Group will meet for its third session on Oct. 26 at noon. Due to arrival of cooler temperatures, the meeting will take place at a private residence in Lake City. For the address of the meeting location, people can call Larry at 651-308-7545. Despite the name of this discussion group,...

Committee: Finished mural was last item on sesquicentennial todo list

Oct 18, 2023
The Lake City Sesquicentennial Celebration ended with the close of 2022 but the to-do list was not completed. One of the goals of the Lake City 150th Celebration Committee was to put together the plans for a mural that would depict Lake City’s past and present. The committee decided to continue...

Ohl: The BABY All-Stars

Oct 18, 2023
With football still in the news, I was reminded of a unique program which I was part of back in the 70’s and 80’s. As a high school teacher and coach for many years, I hesitatingly agreed to assist my buddy who was in charge of the program. He felt that kids had to get an early start in their...

Meeting planned to help shape the future of Lake City Area Arts

Oct 11, 2023
Lake City Area Arts invites its members and the community of Lake City at large to dream big and envision a future for the arts in this area. The past couple of years have been challenging for all of us, particularly nonprofits. Lake City Area Arts has some big decisions to make and we invite the...

Let’s save the Ohuta Park cottonwood tree

Oct 11, 2023
Now that The Wave statue has been put in storage and there are people in this community who are willing to work on saving it, we have to also work on saving the cottonwood tree the city says we may lose because of the sea wall that’s going to be built along Ohuta Park. Can’t the sea wall be built...

The Old Ohl or My Social Security Number is 2

Oct 11, 2023
Most of us experience a strange relationship with time as we age. Remember how time dragged on and on when we were very young and couldn’t wait to be older. Remember the little one who proudly announces, “I’m five and a half!” We couldn’t wait to go to school. We were always eagerly looking forward...

Ohl: Back-up Blues

Oct 4, 2023
The neighbors are always on alert when they hear a car door slam shut and see Donna behind the wheel as they know she will be backing up! Shrill whistles and shouts are heard as they hustle to clear the street of their vehicles, kids, the neighbor’s kids, toys, and pets, for a good reason. My...

Mayor: Fall provides an opportunity for an update on city initiatives

Oct 4, 2023
Fall is one of my favorite seasons and our wonderful community is jampacked with seasonal activities. Thank you to all of our Fall Fest volunteers. What a successful effort and it’s just getting started. We at the council often express our gratitude to our community volunteers at our meetings but...

Beavers are helping, but Sportsman’s Club seeks permanent fix for Frontenac Pond

Oct 4, 2023
The Frontenac Sportsman’s Club is working to preserve Pleasant Valley Lakelet, popularly known as Frontenac Pond. The Frontenac Pond is a 90% Spring Feed Lake flowing into Wells Creek. Wells Creek then flows into the Mississippi River. Over the last 50 to 60 years Wells Creek has been depositing...

Ohl: The Rookie

Sep 27, 2023
He was obviously not much of an outdoorsman because I overheard him tell the sporting goods salesman, “Give me everything I need to go bow hunting.” Once the clerk had rubbed the dollar signs from his eyes and stopped hyperventilating, he proceeded to fill two shopping carts with the necessary...


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