Letter: City depts. wonderful in storm response

Oct 2, 2019
To the editor: Thank you Lake City street department, light department, water department, fire department, police department and first responders. You did a wonderful job on last Tuesday night’s tornado. No lives were lost or anyone hurt, the downed trees were cleaned up, the next day the power...

Destination Lake City: Who we are and what we do

Oct 2, 2019
Destination Lake City (DLC) what does it mean? Probably over the past three years you may have heard “DLC” mentioned in the Graphic or at City Council meetings or just in casual conversations with your friends or neighbors. So, what really is “DLC” and what does it mean for you? First, DLC’s...

Letter: Even when quiet, park fulfills purpose

Oct 2, 2019
To the editor: This is a response to a previous letter which made unproven claims about Patton Park’s “average daily usage” and offered preservation advice about the gazebo. Patton Park is often filled with activity. But even when it is quiet, it still fulfills its purpose. Created around 1907...

Letter: Kids' coat drive set to begin

Oct 2, 2019
To the editor: It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn to the winter months ahead and keeping our Lake City resident children warm. For the sixth year now Koats for Kidz has been providing warm coats to those who are in need of them at no cost. This year is no exception. Anyone in need...

Letter: Legislation needed to protect kids from tobacco products

Oct 2, 2019
To the editor: Young people in Minnesota deserve every opportunity to live full and healthy lives. But every day, our kids are falling victim to Big Tobacco’s dangerous marketing and getting hooked on tobacco products. Twenty-seven percent of kids reported using tobacco products in 2018, and youth...

Letter: Replacing overhead wires compounded storm damage

Oct 2, 2019
To the editor: I’ve lived in a house on S. Oak Street for about 15 years. A five-block stretch of S. Oak Street from Center St. to Lakewood St. was designated an historic district by the Lake City City Council in 2016 as a “means of protecting the history and character of one of the city’s most...

Chamber: Thank a manufacturer

Oct 2, 2019
Manufacturing Week in Minnesota is typically celebrated the first week of October each year. It’s a time to focus on the amazing impact the dynamic and robust industry of manufacturing has on the economy and the communities they call home. It’s a time for us to truly celebrate all they do. In many...

Mayor: When tornado hit, city responded

Oct 2, 2019
Last Tuesday night our town experienced a tornado that traveled a destructive path through the center of our community. To those that suffered property damage it was a terrible outcome and we are all thankful that our community avoided bodily injuries. Later in the week I made the rounds to a...

Letter: Ohuta park could use a covered picnic area

Sep 26, 2019
To the editor: I just love the Farmer’s Market we have on Thursday evening here at the beach in the summer. I wish the Saturday morning market could be as successful. While I was at the market last week, I got an idea about the new facility the city is planning for the park and beach. This is our...

Letter: Why does mayor want to tear down usable building

Sep 26, 2019
To the editor: A month ago, I sent a letter to the editor detailing how Wise Ace Hardware would like to purchase the old public safety building and use the existing building as the foundation of a new store. We received tremendous support for our idea throughout the community. People don’t want...


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