Letter: Time to rethink highway project

Dec 4, 2019
To the editor: I read in last week’s Graphic that the bid for Lake City’s new two-lane highway came in over $2.5 million over budget with Lake City contributing $3.5 million to the project. Isn’t it time to maybe rethink the whole project? If we keep the four-lanes the state will overlay it free....

Peterson: Phish's phluctuating phormula

Nov 27, 2019
Suppose a friend asked you to attend some concert of some band you’ve never heard of. You figure it might be a good time and finances aren’t a problem, so you go along. Upon your arrival at the venue, you find your friend’s companions they’ve told you about. These companions immediately welcome...

Kranz: Tradition Makes Individuals

Nov 27, 2019
Americanization is defined as the action of making a person or thing American in character or nationality (Oxford). This means a shift in values, morals, and traditions. As millennial generations embrace their individual identities, they can begin to forget about the culture they come from....

Peters: Veterans day from a veteran’s perspective

Nov 27, 2019
Editor’s note: This is a portion of the speech Andru Peters delivered to the Kiwanis Club of Lake City on Wednesday, Nov. 13. Good afternoon, and thank you for the invitation to speak before the members and friends of the Lake City Kiwanis Club. I am a Vietnam War era veteran having served...

Ender: Why you need those 'pointless' math classes

Nov 27, 2019
The most asked question in high school math classes is “When will I ever use this math in real life?” This is a very fair question to ask and it is rarely answered; as soon as students see no need for math they become disinterested and stop challenging themselves to learn. Taking advanced math...

Letter: Blood donors come through with 83 units

Nov 20, 2019
To the editor: Blood donors from the Lake City area, despite good weather for field work and deer hunting season, showed their resolve to donate blood with 83 units collected. During the 2019 calendar year, a total of 353 units were collected at the four drives that are regularly scheduled....

Letter: Donations help homeless animals

Nov 20, 2019
To the editor: A big “thank you” to all of you who donated to the Hiawatha Animal Humane Society on Give to the Max Day on Nov. 14, sponsored by Givemn.org. Your donations are much appreciated and also very much needed. In case you missed that particular date, you can still donate 365 days a year...

Letter: Unexpected handshake makes veteran's day

Nov 20, 2019
To the editor: Last Monday, Nov. 11, was Veterans Day. This is a day to remember those who served – and some who are still serving – their country in the various branches of the United States military forces. Many people like to attend the annual programs in the Lake City schools. The band plays,...

Letter: Recipients grateful for warm winter wear

Nov 7, 2019
To the editor: Thank you all for your generous donations of coats for this year’s Koats 4 Kids giveaway. Your support was appreciated by all who received them. Drop boxes are no longer available but if you would like to donate a new or slightly worn winter coat you can contact Carol at 651-262-...

Ikes introduce themselves

Oct 30, 2019
Our chapter is one of 15 in Minnesota and one of more than 200 nationwide. For nearly 100 years, the Izaak Walton League has fought for clean air and water, healthy fish and wildlife habitat, and conserving special places for future generations. In 1922, Will Dilg organized a group of anglers and...


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