Letter: Thanks for being a premier blood partner

Nov 1, 2018
To the editor: You, the donors in the Lake City area, have been named a Premier Blood Partner by the American Red Cross. During 2017, area donors gave 370 units of blood through the four drives scheduled annually for collection at the United Methodist Church. So far, 280 units have been...

Halvorson: A rude awakening over a new mattress

Oct 25, 2018
If you haven’t purchased a new mattress lately be prepared for sticker shock. I remember when a mattress was not much more than layers of cotton batten covered with a sturdy ticking. It got turned regularly and taken outside spring and fall to be aired. In today’s world it’s recommended that you...

Letter: As GOP changed, so did my vote

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: I used to vote Republican. Those were the days when they were fiscally responsible and had the local citizens best interest in mind. That has all changed. They are no longer fiscally responsible, as demonstrated by the irresponsibly increased National debt, and their farm policies...

Becca Weist - 2018 school board candidate questionnaire

Oct 25, 2018
Why are you running for a seat on the Lake City School Board? I am running for school board because I feel like I benefited from a successful school district, so I would like to continue that tradition for the children of Lake City, Frontenac, Zumbro Falls and other surrounding areas. Also, as a...

Mayor: City has been diligent on Marina Point issues

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: In response to the group letter from a number of Lake City’s summer residents who have trailers on the city-owned Marina Point, I fully recognize your concern about the plan for the renewal of Ohuta Park area. First and foremost, the City and most of its residents thoroughly...

Letter: Lori Ann Clark is a uniter

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: Politics have become much more divided lately. No one seems to come to the middle to find real solutions to the problems we face. We’re all losers in this game of partisan politics. I support Lori Ann Clark for Minnesota House of Representatives because she will work with others...

Dawn Balow - 2018 School Board Candidate Questionnaire

Oct 25, 2018
Why are you running for a seat on the Lake City School Board? My husband and I believe that all of us should find ways to serve our community. With a strong interest in my children and their education, I have found that serving on the school board is a great way for me to contribute.   What...

Letter: Going to bat for Greg Schreck

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: If you’ve seen me around town in my Twins or Cubs gear you know I’m a baseball fan. Neither of my teams is in the World Series so this November I’m going to bat for my husband, Greg Schreck, in the upcoming election. Here’s why: Greg grew up in Lake City being the ninth child in a...

Letter: Haley gets things done

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: If you didn’t know Barb Hailey before she was elected state representative two years ago, you probably know her now. She has proven to be one of the most hard working state representatives and we are lucky to have her representing our region. Rep. Barb Haley has been of a champion...

Letter: I stand with Marty

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: After working eight years as a Detention Deputy for Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office and retiring in 2016, I can think of no other law enforcement officer I would be prouder to endorse for Sheriff than Marty Kelly. Coming into contact with the law enforcement community was an almost...


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