Letter: I trust Schreck's judgement

Oct 18, 2018
To the editor: I’m writing in support of my friend Greg Schreck in his bid for re-election to the City Council. Part of my support for Greg is personal. I went through a very difficult personal crisis three years ago. I was a newcomer to town at the time and Greg and his wife Deb befriended me and...

It would be an honor to continue to serve

Oct 18, 2018
To the editor: Nov. 6 is right around the corner and I’m writing today to ask for your support in the City Council election. I have truly enjoyed serving all of you for the past four years, and would welcome the opportunity to serve for another four years. Lake City is my hometown and my wife...

Letter: Smoking isn't worth the pain to you or your loved ones

Oct 18, 2018
To the Editor, If I remember correctly, a letter to the editor should be about or related to Lake City. From time-to-time, I see articles in the Graphic about medical issues. What I am about to describe is about and pertains to Lake City folks. My letter to the editor is about cigarette smoking by...

Letter: Vote to preserve the point

Oct 18, 2018
To the editor: Progress is a slippery word. On the one hand it can mean: (i) advancement toward something higher or better, such as the progress of medical technology. On the other it can mean: (ii) an increase in scope or severity, such as the progress of a disease. When the word is applied to a...

Letter: A little-known benefit of the Hwy. 61 project

Oct 11, 2018
To the editor: You’ve all been told that the proposed three-lane highway reconstruction project will increase safety, calm the traffic flow, and improve landscaping along the roadway. Another big benefit you don’t hear much about is enhanced water quality. Currently all roadway run off goes...

Letter: Can we afford not to do the highway project?

Oct 11, 2018
To the editor: There is a lot of information and misinformation swirling about town regarding the cost and affordability of the new Highway 61 reconstruction project for Lake City. With lots of help from many people, we were able to put this letter together. While we understand and agree that...

Letter: Careful what you wish, you just might get it

Oct 11, 2018
To the editor: I want free health care for all. I want it fast, effective and friendly. Of course, I’d like to be rich and famous too. But the hard reality is that wishing for free health care, under the guise of socialized medicine or Medicare for All doesn’t work. See the facts on what...

Letter: Gielau has the experience to lead

Oct 11, 2018
To the editor: I am writing you to endorse Paul Gielau for Goodhue County Sheriff. I had the privilege to work directly with Paul for 29 years at the sheriff’s office and can assure you that he is by far the most qualified person to fill the seat of Goodhue County Sheriff. Paul has dedicated his...

Letter: How do we balance glitz with needs?

Oct 11, 2018
To the editor: There are many things that could be said about the state of current politics and proposed projects in Lake City. Seems there are more than enough letters each week to address who wants what and how things should be done. We have formed task forces, committees, held public forums and...

Letter: Majerus wrong about budget process, govt. center spending

Oct 11, 2018
To the editor: The Goodhue County Board began planning to hold budget talks in February and held its first budget planning meeting on May 5. These discussions about costs and benefits were started early in order to avoid the last minute, crisis management mentality that has plagued the budget...


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