Ohl: Poisoned again

May 10, 2023
Common sense is used in guiding us through many of life’s potentially dangerous situations. For example, we should know better than to walk on glare ice with our hands in our pockets. I had to learn that lesson the hard way and ended up with a scar over my right eyebrow. There are many such lessons...

SMIF accepts farmland donations

May 3, 2023
As president of Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) I travel across our region nearly every day visiting people and places in the 20 counties that we serve. Over the 16 years that I have worked at SMIF, I have watched farming practices change and adapt. As someone who comes from a...

Signs of depression not to ignore

May 3, 2023
It can be difficult to watch someone struggle with their mental health, and it can be equally difficult to experience your own mental health struggles. Here are some common symptoms of depression to watch out for. Difficulty Getting Out Of Bed. It’s perfectly normal to enjoy sleeping in or...

Ohl: Sn... Sn... Snakes!

May 3, 2023
I was sitting on a stump taking a break from clearing brush when I saw the snake slithering toward me. It must have been eight feet long and as big around as a telephone pole. My immediate response upon seeing a snake is very predictable – PURE PANIC! Screaming, “Sn--, Sn--, Snake,” I leaped six...

Lake City Food Shelf looking for donations of hard-to-find items

May 3, 2023
The Lake City Food Shelf is very grateful for all the support from our community. Many community organizations and churches conduct regular food drives, and individuals donate items as well. Thank you! If you are part of a group organizing a food drive or just want to help, here are the items...

Sheriff: Law enforcement tenacity and new technology led to conviction

May 3, 2023
Editor’s note: Goodhue County Sheriff Marty Kelly released the following statement on April 28 accompanying the announcement of the sentencing of Jennifer Matter for Second Degree Murder in the death of her infant son, whose body was found on the beach in Old Frontenac in 2003.   Today marks the...

Ohl: Smokey

Apr 26, 2023
One really cannot mention the words, “outdoor cooking” without paying homage to the master outdoor chef Daryl or as he is known by most of us, “Smokey.” Daryl came by his nickname honestly since it is not hard to tell when he is preparing a meal on the grill – all the cars in the vicinity have...

Mayor answers commonly-asked questions about city flood response

Apr 26, 2023
A flood emergency is a challenging time for any community, and it requires quick and decisive action from all involved to ensure the safety and well-being of all those affected. After recommendations from our city administrator and affected department heads, a local flood emergency was declared on...

Liberals trying to change out-state lifestyles

Apr 19, 2023
Liberal state legislators are trying hard to change the lifestyles of logical, out-state Minnesotans. Please be vigilant as to what our liberal elected legislature is passing in the next six weeks and what they are trying to throw in the omnibus junk bill. It affects: veterans, legal gun owners...

Legislature must address nursing home funding crisis

Apr 19, 2023
In politics, the word “crisis” is often thrown about liberally and without context. But when discussing our nursing homes and the overwhelming challenges they are facing in the State of Minnesota, the word “crisis” is the only description that can be used. In Minnesota, the number of Minnesotans...


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