Lawmakers should be forced to watch abortion videos

Sep 27, 2023
Minnesotans, what are we thinking? We’re in an age that seems to put the importance of an animal’s life before the life of a human child. Maybe we should be filming abortions from earliest in pregnancy to full term and show it on TV and social media like what is shown about mistreated animals with...

Tiger Talk - Lake City Public Schools

Sep 27, 2023
There are special moments in everyone’s life. Moments you will remember forever. The night I got the call offering me a position as Superintendent of Lake City Public Schools will certainly be a moment I will never forget. To have the opportunity to lead a school with a rich tradition and bright...

Bethany Lutheran donates to missions with your help

Sep 20, 2023
Each year Bethany holds two fundraisers. We have a block party in August and a huge garage sale the last week in September. This year we are able to donate to a member’s granddaughter, Sara Parrish. She is a Concordia college student studying to be a missionary. Her internship will be in...

Wall and tree have seen a lot of history at Ohuta Park

Sep 20, 2023
The year 1916 is carved in rock on the old retaining wall at Ohuta Park. This wall was 7 years old as Mr. Samuelson made his historic Lake Pepin ride on homemade water skis in 1922. The shady tree lined corner of Ohuta Park near the old wall is the perfect outdoor relaxation spot....

Tree should be preserved

Sep 20, 2023
What Does Lake City Value? One can only wonder... What does the community want as an identity? The community recently celebrated its 150th sesquicentennial during 2022. A sculpture of the inventor of the water ski sport, Ralph Samuelson, was recently placed at the newly renovated Ohuta park....

Ohl: Fill ‘er up

Sep 20, 2023
I knew the engine was nearly running on gas fumes when I pulled into the service station and was given the disturbing news, they had no gas available today. “What!” I had a twenty-mile drive to work, and the tank was empty. But I wasn’t’ the only commuter in trouble. There were thousands of us in...

Wave preservation effort inspires poem

Sep 13, 2023
The Smithsonian Institute lists four major outdoor sculptures by artist Jack Becker in their Art Inventories Catalog of Smithsonian American Art Museums. Lake City has been blessed with one of these sculptures known as “The Wave” since 1976 in Ohuta Park. The others are: • 1978 “Two Swans”;...

Seawall replacement could claim a lakefront giant

Sep 13, 2023
The Lake City Forestry Advisory Committee and other community members met recently with city employees to talk about the changes coming to Ohuta Park. We learned that one of the last remaining heritage cottonwood trees in town could be in the way of the city’s plan to replace the Ohuta Park seawall...

Study indicates hearing loss interventions can slow cognitive decline in older adults

Sep 6, 2023
For more than 30 years, hearing healthcare professionals have been concerned about the association between hearing loss and dementia. As early as 1989, studies were published linking age-related hearing impairment to an increased risk of dementia. In the early 2000s, further research confirmed...

Ohl: The Big Guy

Sep 6, 2023
A gigantic fly has been residing at the Odney house. “Big deal,” you are probably thinking as you remember the huge fly that drove you wild when it buzzed through the house banging against the windows and screens. But the insect I am referring to is more than just an ordinary big fly. In fact,...


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