Supt. Enger: Teachers deserve our gratitude

Mar 10, 2021
As we near the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, I can’t help but reflect on all we have been through. This virus has impacted all of us both professionally and personally. Each of us has our personal stories regarding the pandemic and the impact it’s had on our lives. The purpose of this...

Insulting that editor doesn’t follow guidelines

Mar 10, 2021
Once again, I do not blame Richard Butler for spewing political divisive rhetoric in the previous editions of the Graphic. My issue is with the editor who continues to insult the intelligence of the readers, subscribers and advertisers by not following the Graphic’s own guidelines and policies...

Goggin - State should renew insurance fix

Mar 10, 2021
One of the promises I made during my first campaign was that I would fix MNsure, which was causing double-digit premium spikes every year and brought our individual health insurance market to the brink of collapse. The solution we came up with was reinsurance. It stabilized the market and helped...

Clown comment was over the line

Mar 10, 2021
After reading the letter to the editor from Richard Butler in last week’s Graphic I am a little upset with the application of your own opinion standards that are printed right there on the same page every week. I know it is not a hard rule to avoid national issues but the one about avoiding insults...

About those guidelines

Mar 10, 2021
This week the Graphic is publishing two letters critizing the application of our published letters guidelines. I will address both of them, but first I want to encourage you to read the criticisms from Nathan Schumacher and Troy Emerson in full in case I inadvertently mischaracterize their...

SMIF celebrates southern Minnesota entrepreneurialism

Mar 3, 2021
National Entrepreneurship Week takes place each year in late February. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the entrepreneurs that are such a vital part of our economy and communities here in southern Minnesota. At Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF), we are excited to...

Poetry - Juxtaposition

Mar 3, 2021
One of my high school friends described me as “so logical’, I’ve always liked math and algebra, mysteries, and problem solving. In my jobs, I was guided by rules and statutes, best practices, and the like. I’ve never been a fan of sarcasm…literal is easy - it’s straight forward. I know what a...

Updated: Letters on national politics are good, actually

Mar 3, 2021
I write this letter in response to the one in last week’s Graphic headlined “Keep national political circus out of the paper.” Troy Emerson, the author of that letter, claims to have been “frustrated” that the editor of the Graphic went against his own “keep it local” guidelines when he printed a...

Keep national political circus out of the paper

Feb 24, 2021
I just got caught up on reading the Jan. 28 issue of the Lake City Graphic. I was frustrated to see that you went against your own guidelines of “keep it local” and printed a national issue political letter to the editor from someone who doesn’t even live in the vicinity of Lake City. If I wanted...

Grateful for chance to see dancers perform

Feb 24, 2021
My husband Colin and I attended the dance line performances of our granddaughters Mela and Jane Schmitz Feb. 16 Lincoln High School. This was organized by dance line coaches and helper Adam Schmimbeno for relatives that maybe had not before seen them perform before this evening. How great was...


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