Tiger Talk: Appreciation breakfast, professional learning communities, and more

Apr 24, 2024
April is an exciting month in schools! Students and staff have worked all year and are beginning the final stages of showing the growth and learning that has been achieved. At the same time plans are underway for the next school year, making April full of anticipation for what’s to come. A recent...

Ohl: Throwing things

Apr 24, 2024
When Dwight and I were youngsters, we would occasionally ride in the wagon behind the corn picker to sort out the nasty ears of corn. Once while feeling adventurous, I broke off the end of an ear and lobbed it towards dad on the tractor. It ricocheted off the fender. He turned and gave us a warning...

Ohl: Golf, a unique sport

Apr 17, 2024
There are no basketballs or baseballs on the moon. Golf is the only sport ever played there. Alan Shepard used a 6 iron to take a few swings and left two golf balls on its surface. His shots may be the most famous swings ever taken. If we aren’t careful the game could spread throughout the galaxy....

Support legislation to increase social worker services in schools

Apr 17, 2024
I am writing to inform you about an issue that K-12 school children, families, and communities are facing. An important bill is being introduced to the house that would help the students at the school and surrounding district members towards a better now, while creating a better future for all. The...

Ohl: Cow Tipping

Apr 10, 2024
I had never heard of cow tipping until at a party one summer evening in the 70s when someone suggested we should go out and tip a cow. Oh, good idea! What? However, the more we talked about it the more exciting the plan became. So, we eventually piled into a car and headed out of town intent upon...

Drazkowski: Time to eliminate shotgun-only deer hunting zone

Apr 3, 2024
Did you know that in southern Minnesota you cannot hunt deer with a rifle? I can assure you that hunters in our area are well aware of this antiquated rule. As bizarre as it sounds, firearms hunters here must use shotguns with slugs, muzzleloaders, or legal handguns. Even though rifles are more...

Ohl: Cowboy Dreams

Apr 3, 2024
The Golden Age of westerns was 1940-1965 which was the period when I went from a young lad to a high school graduate. My brain became filled with western lore, and I wanted to grow up to be a cowboy. How could a little boy not want to be a cowboy? They were the good guys - always clean shaven,...

Kudos to Tigers

Mar 27, 2024
Wow! We had an absolutely wonderful weekend up at the state basketball tournament. I must take some time and thank the school, coaches, and the team for a lovely event. The school can be so proud of the way this team represented the school and community. The level of commitment, heart and...

Ohl: Deprived

Mar 27, 2024
If we have been on this earth for a number of years, we should be able to create quite a list of things we have accomplished or at least tried. But is there another list of items we have not done or attempted? Are we missing out on some experiences? I can’t speak for anyone else, but here are some...

Tiger Talk: An amazing month at Lake City schools

Mar 27, 2024
What an amazing month it has been at Lake City Schools! Our Robotics Team took third in their first tournament of the season. Our Lake City Band and Choir earned superior ratings at large group contest. The student art show opened at the Lake City Area Arts center. The speech team saw individual...


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