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The Graphic welcomes letters to the editor. While we make the final determination on whether any letter will be published and what edits are made prior to publication, letters that adhere to the following guidelines have the best chance to get in the newspaper:

  • Include at least one author’s name and city or township of residence. Anonymous letters will not be published.
  • Avoid insults. For example: objecting to an idea is okay. Calling an idea or its proponents stupid is not.
  • Keep it local. People read the Graphic because they are interested in what’s going on in Lake City, Frontenac, Zumbro Falls and the surrounding area. Letters about local issues will trump those about state or national issues.
  • Include a photo of yourself. Not only will it make your letter more eye catching to readers, it’s another way to let people know who you are. Maybe they will see you around and want to talk about your ideas.
  • Submit letters by 10 a.m. Monday.

Letters to the editor can be submitted using the form below or by email to news@lakecitygraphic.com, in-person at our office at 111 S. 8th Street in Lake City (use the dropbox if the office is closed), or by mail at PO Box 469, Lake City, MN, 55041.


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