Letters: The 'affordable' housing that isn't

Aug 27, 2015
To the editor: Well, here we go again: building townhomes no young people can afford. I thought the $1,000 lots were for people that can’t afford land and build a home, and what’s the first thing the city council does? Sell three-fourths to developers to build $180,000 townhouses. Look around...

Letter: Goal setting may help local groups

Aug 20, 2015
To the editor: I have been part of several goal setting groups spending time identifying how to strengthen the Lake City community.  The focus is on the residents as well as visitors.  Local community organizations plan many events through the year to encourage folks of all ages to come together to...

The Old Curmudgeon - 8-20-15

Aug 20, 2015
A potpourri of news and comments this week, not the least of which is the story out of Bloomington that addresses the coyote problem in that city. As reported in the Rochester Post-Bulletin on Monday, “Patty Palacios lost her Pomeranian poodle to a coyote attack. It is not funny, but one must admit...

Letter: Accessibility features need support now

Aug 19, 2015
To the editor: I am a woman who requires the assistance of a walker to safely walk more than a few steps without help. And so, I sincerely thank the person(s) responsible for the new handicapped parking space at the marina which allows easier access to the public restrooms and the patio area...

Work to improve vets care must continue

Aug 12, 2015
Through their service and sacrifice our veterans have protected our nation and deserve a government that fulfills the promise of quality care.There are well more than 300,000 employees at Veterans Administration (VA) facilities nationwide and undoubtedly many are dedicated to providing quality...

The Old Curmudgeon - 8-6-15

Aug 6, 2015
The daylight comes later and leaves earlier, and the clouds have never been more spectacular. Summertime! The Girl Scouts would have you know that they are baking cup cakes as a fund raiser for a trip that will likely be determined by the number of tasty treats that can be marketed over the coming...

The reasons are many for a Lake Pepin Interpretive Center

Aug 6, 2015
To the editor: What is an interpretive center and why do we want one? I’ve had several people ask me what an interpretive center is. Its defined as a place of interest or a building that provides an interpretation of the place of interest through a variety of media. In the case of the center being...

Letter: Taxpayers bear cost of administrator separation

Aug 6, 2015
To the editor: The manner in which the Lake City City Council dismissed the administrator demonstrated to the citizens of Lake City their feckless nature. Business of this nature should have been conducted at a public meeting for the sake of being transparent. All of America is calling for this...

Column was nice

Aug 5, 2015
To the editor:It was very nice of Mr. Rich Ousky to take Rev. Ilene Blanche under his wings to create a column in The Lake City Graphic known as The Christian Chat Room for 15 years to spread the word of Jesus Christ and Christianity. Nancy L. MeyersLake City

City should encourage curb sharing

Aug 5, 2015
To the editor:I saw the nice article in the Rochester paper last weekend about stuff for free and I think putting things out for others to use is such a great idea.  My friend shared a nice computer desk she no longer needed by putting it out near the street. It was quickly taken by a very...


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