Wabasha County Board of Commissioners - December 26 Meeting

December 26, 2023
    These published proceedings are incomplete in that they simply summarize the actions of the Wabasha County Board. Complete copy of the proceedings is on file in the Office of the Wabasha County Auditor/Treasurer and may be examined by the public.  Those present were Commissioners Key, Powers, Springer, Walkes, and Wobbe. Absent: None.  Summary of the actions by the Wabasha County Board of Commissioners is as follows:

Approved the agenda.
Staff updates.
Administrator updates.
Approved consent agenda.
Approved Setting 2024 Cola’s for Non-Union Employees.
Approved Updated Personnel Policy.
Approved Purchase of Two Pitney Bowe Postage Machines.
Approved Amended County Ballot Boards.
Approved Mn Lawful Gambling Exempt Permit Application for Hiawatha Sno-seekers.
Approved Payout of TIF (Tax Increment Financing) to City of Mazeppa.
Approved Agreement with Minnesota Department of Transportation.
Approved Police Service Contracts.
Approved River Valley Trail Engineering Proposal.
Approved 2024 Final Property Tax levy.
Approved 2024 Final Semmchra Special Benefit Tax Levy.
Approved 2024 Final Property Tax Levy for Semmchra.
Approved 2024 Attorney Office Budget.
Approved 2024 Sheriff Office Budget.
Approved 2024 Final Budget.
Commissioner Reports.
Board concerns.

    Donald Springer
    Wabasha County
    Board of Commissioners

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