Wabasha County Planning - January 22, 2024 Meeting

The Wabasha County Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing starting at 7:00 p.m. on January 22nd, 2024 for the purpose of hearing any testimony regarding the following requests:
1) Public hearing on the Final Plat application of Cornerstone Acres submitted by Brent Beck for a land division involving the creation of more than three new and residual parcels. The subject property is described as parcels R16.00250.09 and R16.00252.03 located in Section 31, Township 110 North, Range 12 West of West Albany Township on 97.32 and 39.35 acres, respectively; and parcels R12.00056.00 and R12.00055.00 located in Section 6, Township 109 North, Range 12 West of Oakwood Township on 159.15 and 149.32 acres, respectively.
2) Public hearing for proposed amendments to modify the Subsurface Sewage Treatment Ordinance (SSTS) #67. The Article and Sections to be amended are Article IV Section 2 (2.02, 2.03) Section 6 (6.04), Article V Section 2 (2.03, 2.04), Section 3.0 (3.01, 3.02, 3.03, 3.04) and Article VIII Section 2 (2.02C, 2.03A (1)) which addresses compliance timelines, occupancy, Right-of-Way setbacks, holding tanks, variance and appeals, as-built timelines and changes related to building permits and compliance.
3) Public hearing for proposed amendments to Chapter 18 of the Zoning Ordinance. The sections to be amended are Chapter 18.02 (8) and 18.05 (6). Section 18.02 (8) addresses the application criteria for conditional & interim uses and the amendment would add that township approval of a conditional or interim use would require formal township approval.  Section 18.05 (6) addresses the standards to be applied when considering the approval or denial of a conditional/interim use permit and the proposed amendment would add consideration as to whether an applicant is maintaining a property in violation of any Wabasha County Ordinance.
The public hearing will take place in the County Board Room, Courthouse Annex, 625 Jefferson Avenue, Wabasha, Minnesota.  Any interested person may provide testimony whether in person or by way of written comment submitted to the Wabasha Zoning Department.  Written comments will be read into the record during the respective public hearing.
Any questions regarding this matter should be directed to the Wabasha County Zoning Department. You can contact the Zoning Department by phone at 651-565-3062, or by email at jkaltenbach@co.wabasha.mn.us.  

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