Free well water nitrate testing available at KernzaFest on June 18

May 18, 2022
Minnesota Well Owners Organization (MNWOO) is cooperating with the Lake City We are Water events to provide free nitrate testing for private well owners through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), the Minnesota Groundwater Association, the...

KernzaFest coming to Ohuta Beach

May 11, 2022
Alex Kielty (left) of Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance (LPLA) talks with poet and multimedia artist Moheb Soliman on April 28 at Ohuta Beach. LPLA is organizing a free June 18 event in the park called KernzaFest, and Soliman was showing him a sign that could be on display during the event. According to...

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