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Stinson will provide quality leadership

Oct 26, 2022
We’ve heard various political candidates promising to let parents run our schools, to save you $37 on your state income tax, and to make voting even more difficult. This is all smoke and mirrors. The moon is not made of cheese, penguins are not invading Minnesota, and the boogie man is not real...

Altendorf will be strong voice for rural values

Oct 20, 2022
I am writing in support of Pam Altendorf for Minnesota 20A House seat this November. I have known Pam for many years and I am confident she will represent our District 20A with all her energy and be a strong voice for rural and small-town America values that serve all the people fairly with...

Last chance for election letters

Oct 20, 2022
The last opportunity to have a political letter to the editor printed in the Graphic before the Nov. 8 general election is the Oct. 27 issue. The deadline for letter submissions for that issue is Monday, Oct. 24, at 10 a.m. The Graphic doesn’t publish political letters to the editor in the last...

Decoding Republican positions

Oct 20, 2022
Voting while uninformed has consequences! Accepting coded phrases without knowing what they really mean could mean casting a ballot in opposition to your own beliefs and values. For example: Republicans argue that they want to “protect life.” This is a code phrase for removing the right for a...

Information from Oct. 5 school board candidate forum available online now, from library Oct. 20

Oct 20, 2022
The Lake City Education Association (LCEA), together with the Education Minnesota Lake City Paraprofessionals Union, would like to thank the 2022 School Board Candidates for participating in our interview forum held at the Lincoln Auditorium on Oct. 5. Each candidate who attended the interview...

Rodney Bartsh - Wabasha County Sheriff (incumbent)

Oct 20, 2022
Why are you running for Wabasha County Sheriff? I am running for reelection because I care deeply for our citizens and their safety. Many people know that earlier this year I had announced that I was going to retire. I soon discovered that I had made the decision in haste. After having been your...

Rick Powers - Wabasha County Commissioner, District 2 Candidate

Oct 20, 2022
Why are you running for Wabasha County Board? I am running in District 2 for county commissioner to have better representation for all the citizens of the county.   What qualities or characteristics make you a good choice to represent District 2 and why? I’ve lived in and around Lake City all of...

Brian Goihl - Wabasha County Commissioner, District 2 Candidate (incumbent)

Oct 20, 2022
Why are you running for Wabasha County Board? I’m running for re-election to the Wabasha County Board to help ensure that all of the progress that has been made by the board continues on into the future. Since being elected as your County Commissioner 8 years ago Wabasha County has had some of the...

A plan to revitalize downtown Lake City

Oct 20, 2022
Hopefully many Lake Citians recently attended or viewed the candidate’s public forum with invited and participating candidates for the various public offices at city hall. The candidates offered a variety of viewpoints and responded to questions submitted by attending citizens. There was one...

Bade is the leader the Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office needs

Oct 12, 2022
Local elections are very important to participate in. These are the elections where your voice is truly heard and where your vote truly counts. We have a choice this year for Wabasha County Sheriff candidates. Our current sheriff announced his retirement in February, clearly stating that it was...


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