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Letter: Thanks Y, city, and staff for a great summer at the pool

Jul 31, 2019
To the editor: We attend water aerobics classes (some of us for many years) at the Lake City O’Neil outdoor Community Pool. This pool opened in 1987 and thanks to the great work of the city continues to function and serve the community today. We would like to express our appreciation to the Red...

First day of pool

Jun 5, 2019
A pool patron drops backward off the new climbing wall in the deep end of O’Neil Swimming Pool on June 3, the first day of the 2019 season. The Red Wing Family YMCA is managing the pool this summer under an agreement with the City of Lake City, which owns the facility. A week-long safety around...

Shelter from the sun

May 23, 2019
Two newly-installed canopies at O’Neil Swimming Pool in Lake City await the arrival of summer and swimmers. Also new this year is a climbing wall to replace a broken diving board at the city-owned facility. Pool programming will be run by the Red Wing Family YMCA this year for the first time. More...

Wall to replace busted board at pool

Apr 10, 2019
O’Neil Swimming Pool in Lake City will be getting a new water feature in addition to new management this summer. The Lake City City Council voted 6-1 Monday to spend $20,000 to add an aquatic climing wall, a portable basketball hoop, and a sound-system at the pool. The big-ticket item in the plan...

Red Wing Y to take over Lake City pool operations

Mar 20, 2019
Big changes are coming to O’Neil Swimming Pool on West Marion Street. This summer, for the first time, the Red Wing YMCA will manage pool operations, including staffing and programming, things the city had done itself since the pool was constructed in the 1980s. The Lake City City Council approved...

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