A great many pelicans visit Lake Pepin

Sep 22, 2021
Lake Pepin has been a popular gathering place for pelicans recently, as this photo from Ben Threinen shows. “Last Thursday through Saturday the pelicans were a beautiful sight to watch,” he writes. “I do not remember a fall with this many pelicans stopping by Lake City.”

Pelicans visit area in droves on their spring migration

Apr 23, 2020
Just a few of the hundreds of pelicans on Frontenac Pond Sunday, according to Ben Threinen, who took this photo. He went back Monday and found only six were left.

Photo by Ben Threinen

Pelicans on Frontenac pond

Apr 24, 2019
Lake City photographer Ben Threinen spotted many pelicans on Frontenac Pond late last week. Over the next few days the pelicans departed.
Photo by Ben Threinen

Birds above, birds below

May 3, 2017
Photographer Ben Threinen was down by the Department of Natural Resources offices on South Oak Street taking photos of a flock of pelicans that had gathered there when he noticed two eagles battling for supremacy in the skies above.

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