Skating rinks close

Mar 2, 2022
Ice skating season appears to be over in Lake City for the season. Last week Lake City Public Works announced on its Facebook page that the city rink at Underwood Park is closed for the season. Now the Lake City 150th Celebration has announced that the rink on Lake Pepin near the government pier...

Poetry - Juxtaposition

Mar 3, 2021
One of my high school friends described me as “so logical’, I’ve always liked math and algebra, mysteries, and problem solving. In my jobs, I was guided by rules and statutes, best practices, and the like. I’ve never been a fan of sarcasm…literal is easy - it’s straight forward. I know what a...

Ice going fast

Mar 11, 2020
Drone shots from above Lake Pepin show the amount of surface ice in rapid decline. The above photo from Steve Brown was taken Monday, March 9. The photo below from Ben Threinen was taken Tuesday, March 10.

Lincoln spring sports meeting to be March 4

Feb 26, 2019
The annual Spring Sports Season Parent/Athlete/Coach meeting will be held on Monday, March 4, at 6:30 p.m.  This meeting is for parents and student athletes in grades seven through 12 who plan to participate in a spring sport. Baseball will report to the gymnasium or media center, girls golf will...

Local Cub Scouts keep busy this spring

Jun 13, 2018
Lake City Cub Scouts have been busy this spring.  In May, the boys camped at Frontenac State Park, including activities such as star gazing and geocaching. They also attended a scouts carnival and bike rodeo to celebrate the finale of their school-year pack meetings, plus they manned a hydration...

Letter: Spring cleaning

Apr 18, 2018
There was a time when spring cleaning was a major event. Most homes did not have central heating. Instead they were heated by coal, wood or oil. There were no filters like there is on today’s furnaces. By the time spring arrived there was a buildup of soot and grime. When the time came for spring...

Letter: Spring? Maybe. Minnesota? You betcha.

Apr 11, 2018
To the editor: In late September the little magnolia tree outside my window sheds its leaves. They are soon replaced by buds that resemble pussy willows. These buds struggle through the cold winter months. When spring approaches the buds grow until mid April when they burst into fragile white...

Boulevard trees sprout IVs

Mar 21, 2018
Two maple trees tapped for tree sap on North 7th Street on Monday, March 19. Sap from maple trees can be boiled down into maple syrup. The city currently does not regulate sap collection from boulevard trees, according to Public Works Director Scott Jensen. “This subject has received a little more...

Swarm of swans descends on rural Lake City farm field

Mar 21, 2018
Dozens of the possibly hundreds of swans gathered around standing water in a field next to Wabasha County Road 33 Tuesday, the first day of spring.

Letter: Migrators miss out on lake's winter beauty

Mar 14, 2018
To the editor: Shelters are gone and the ice fishing season has ended. The lake looks lonely and desolate. The shipping season has begun. Soon we’ll hear the crunch and crackle as ice gives way to the weight of barges. We used to hear the boom when a barge with a steele point rammed the ice,...


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