A great many pelicans visit Lake Pepin

Sep 22, 2021
Lake Pepin has been a popular gathering place for pelicans recently, as this photo from Ben Threinen shows. “Last Thursday through Saturday the pelicans were a beautiful sight to watch,” he writes. “I do not remember a fall with this many pelicans stopping by Lake City.”

Eagle Center field trips are back and more numerous

Aug 4, 2021
After a hiatus during the 2020/2021 winter season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Eagle Center’s team of naturalists are preparing to lead guests to eagle viewing hotspots once again starting this fall. “The eagle viewing along the Upper Mississippi River was phenomenal last winter,”...

Blue heron lets one get away

May 12, 2021
Lake City photographer Ben Threinen submitted this photo of “a blue heron practicing catch and release before the Saturday fishing opener.”

Fawns spotted near Oak Center

Jun 17, 2020
Lake City photographer Ben Threinen took a photo of two fawns following a doe near Oak Center on Sunday, June 14.

Snap shot

May 28, 2020
Lake City photographer Ben Threinen found this large snapping turtle by the side of the road near Stockholm, Wis., over the holiday weekend.

Painted turtles on a log

Apr 30, 2020
Seven painted turtles sun themselves on a log south of the Lake City Sportsman’s Club.
-Photo by Ben Threinen

Eagle spreads its wings

Mar 19, 2020
Photographer Ben Threinen submitted this photo of a bald eagle in mid-flight. The bird appears to be looking back in the direction from which the photo was taken.
Photo by Ben Threinen

Pelicans on Frontenac pond

Apr 24, 2019
Lake City photographer Ben Threinen spotted many pelicans on Frontenac Pond late last week. Over the next few days the pelicans departed.

Black bear spotted in Lake City

Jul 3, 2018
The Lake City Police Department received a report of a black bear sighting on the southern edge of town Wednesday evening, June 27.  According to the department’s Facebook page, the bear had wandered away by the time officers arrived and was not located.  A resident of the area took this photo of...
Photo by Ben Threinen

Unusual ducks spotted in great numbers

Apr 11, 2018
Lesser scaup and canvass back ducks mill around in the waters of Lake Pepin. Photographer Ben Threinen said it was his first time seeing lesser scaup ducks on the lake. Known for their distinctive blue bills, lesser scaup breed primarily in Canada and the north western United States, according to...


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