Letter: What you don't get at the mall

Dec 16, 2015
To the editor: Saturday afternoon I decided to finally replace a cookware item that we owned that had long since worn out.  We did not know if they even made these anymore.So, I drove down to Ace Hardware Store, parked right in front of the place and before I got both feet in the door a salesperson...

Letter: Lane changes long overdue

Dec 16, 2015
To the editor: Lake City has the opportunity to take on a long overdue project.  Changing Highway 61 from four lanes to three should be among the highest priorities for many reasons.  One: with the state budget surplus road repair throughout the state is something Republicans and Democrats can...

The Old Curmudgeon - 12-10-15

Dec 10, 2015
This Old Curmudgeon story was first penned and published in a Rochester paper in 1994. It was found worthy of being trotted out again this holiday season. The real beginning of the Christmas “season” was marked by the arrival of a box from one Ida Kohl, Des Moines, Iowa. It came to our mailbox (a...

Letter: Click shopping - Loss of community (and it may make you look fat)

Dec 10, 2015
To the editor: As a small business owner in Lake City, this year more than ever, I’m feeling this new effect on businesses. It is called “Click vs. Brick.” I first heard this term coined on CNN one morning while I was getting ready to go and open my business. The click is the online shopping and...

Coordinator: Koats 4 Kids 'a success'

Dec 10, 2015
To the editor: This year’s Koats 4 Kids program was a success.  102 coats were given to local residents who needed warmth for the winter.  Thank you all for your donations and support. Recognition goes to Alliance Bank, Lake City Federal, Fiesta Foods, New Hope Church, and the Graphic for helping...

Local author's third book is a history of the Methodist Campus

Dec 10, 2015
“Like all kitchens, it was a happy place filled with wonderful smells, songs and laughter,” Donna Halvorson writes about Schaller, the former Methodist Campus kitchen turned single family residence in Old Frontenac. With her third book, The River Never Sleeps, the Lake City author and former Old...

Drazkowski: Citizens should find out why property taxes are rising

Dec 3, 2015
Recently the Minnesota Department of Revenue released the preliminary property tax levies set by locally elected officials. The news is not good for property owners, as they show a $422 million property tax levy increase statewide – a 5.35 percent increase. Specifically this number includes: $186...

Supt.: Lake City schools levy won't be as high as proposed

Dec 3, 2015
The legislative session ended with many changes to school financing.  One of the biggest changes was a last minute inclusion for long term facilities maintenance. This major change also had an impact on changes to current levies for health and safety and deferred maintenance.  All of these changes...

Nichols: The next step in Lake City's downtown rennaissance

Dec 3, 2015
We are writing to update you on the progress of our “Downtown and Waterfront Renaissance” planning and implementation initiative. This initiative began earlier this year and involved 11 community stakeholder groups. The groups participating were the City Council, Planning Commission, Destination...

The Old Curmudgeon - 12-26-15

Nov 27, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving. You will likely be reading this after the fact. After all, there are the turkey leftovers to deal with and a host of other chores....and then Black Friday, and only 28 shopping days until Christmas! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Okay, so you are not running with the crowd. That is...


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