Letter: Slow traffic, reroute trucks

Jun 8, 2016
To the editor: We live on North Lakeshore Drive and witness the daily impact of fast-moving traffic on Highway 61 (also known as Lakeshore Drive).  We have been hearing reports of various proposals for the state resurfacing project, which is scheduled for 2019.One such proposal includes the...

Letter: Does Mayo Meet Our Needs?

Jun 2, 2016
To the editor: It used to be that physicians would settle down in a community and devote their entire lives to caring for their neighbors. Lake City was like that not to long ago. We appreciated that our doc knew us, knew our families, our medical history, and what drugs worked with our bodies. It...

The Old Curmudgeon - 6-2-16

Jun 2, 2016
The Tour de Pepin is the next big thing! Hundreds of bicyclists will wend their way around the lake (or at least part of it ) on this Saturday. It is a major event that promotes healthy exercise in addition to giving a boost to businesses that are fortunate enough to have locations within throwing...

Letter: 200 summer guests welcomed

Jun 2, 2016
To the editor:We often hear the term “It takes a village…,” and this past weekend was a wonderful time in the ‘village’ of Lake City.It was so much fun to see so many people out enjoying our lovely “city” (since hardly any community calls themselves a “village” anymore, but I digress.)  Hundreds,...

Letter: More questions for Mayo

Jun 2, 2016
To the editor: It appears that Rochester’s Mayo Clinic has found a way to get the residents of Lake City, Austin, Cannon Falls and Red Wing to help pay for its Destination Medical Center (DMC) project.Because Mayo can’t pressure our City Council to raise taxes to support its long term DMC plan here...

Letter: Stop 3-lane street idea

Jun 2, 2016
To the editor:  Our letter is to ask why our city is proposing to fix something that’s not broken.  We attended the meetings regarding reducing our four lane Hwy. 61 to two lanes and turning lanes. The city was asking the public to give reasons why the turning lanes will not work.  First, the city...

The Old Curmudgeon - 5-26-16

May 26, 2016
It all happened so fast! Suddenly, school was out! Memorial Day only hours away! The Rustic to open tomorrow (Friday)! The Washington Street Art Fair will take over a portion of that street so you can see what artists here have been doing over the long, cold winter. That event is scheduled for all...

Letter: Mayo management failure

May 25, 2016
To the editor: Dr. Dennis Spano’s abrupt and unexpected departure from the Mayo Clinic Health System, along with two of his senior colleagues, Dr. John Renelt and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Kayla Dasher, is but a continuation of a disturbing pattern under the administration of the clinic by Dr...

Letter: Buckling up save lives

May 25, 2016
To the editor:In my 11 years as an officer with the Wabasha Police Department,  I’ve enforced seat belt use and educated motorists about its life-saving importance. While I’ve issued many citations, writing tickets is not my goal. My hope is that I can educate each motorist with whom I come in...

Letter: Beach work noticed

May 25, 2016
To the editor:Have you noticed all the work and the beach clean up by the Government Pier?A very big thank you to the Lake City “Beautification Group.”Your care and hard work was noticed and greatly appreciated.


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