Letter: Board to lead growing club

Jan 13, 2016
To the editor:I’ve been a member of the Lake City community for more than 35 years. Though not a native of Lake City, I’ve come to know the local faces and places. Our town has experienced many changes over that period, but I’m proud to have become part of many great successes here alongside fellow...

Letter: Many people join the ranks of bell ringers

Jan 6, 2016
To the editor:Those involved with ringing the bell for the Salvation Army wish to say thank you to everyone who supported this year’s local collection efforts.  This season’s donations totaled $3,500.  A significant increase over the previous year.The donations have been sent to the Salvation Army’...

Letter: Kiwanis project serves 116 kids

Jan 6, 2016
To the editor:The Lake City Kiwanis Christmas Project served 47 families with 116 children this year. In recent years the number of individuals, businesses and organizations providing toys, clothing and financial support have increased. Kiwanis could not do this project without the great support...

The Old Curmudgeon - 1-7-16

Jan 6, 2016
Happy New Year! We can now settle down and get back to the daily business....the confusion of a day on and a day off and then back on again had confused the Old Curmudgeon to where he didn’t know what day it was for the better part of a week! Did that happen at your house, too? The food shelf...

The Old Curmudgeon - 12-31-15

Dec 30, 2015
We all knew we had it coming. And it came. Not as much as some forecasters had predicted, but It marked the first time that the OC had gotten a phone call the day before (Monday) notifying him that a severe snow storm was  sure to happen. He was unable to hear where the call emanated from, though...

Letter: Backyard chickens fall prey to misconceptions

Dec 30, 2015
To the editor: I’ve heard it all. I’ve heard all of the myths and misconceptions regarding backyard chickens that you could possibly think of. I’ll be the first to admit that in some circumstances these opinions about chickens can have some validity. But most of the time they are truly just...

Garay: Work vs. High School

Dec 30, 2015
Work and school have many similar qualities, but they also have their differences too. Mankind goes to work to earn money and many young teenagers or soon-to-be adults attend high school, not because they have to, but because it’s what’s best for them. Some high schoolers attend school and have a...

Johnson: Coffee vs. Mountain Dew

Dec 30, 2015
What gets your energy level up faster than a caffeinated drink? There’s many choices to pick from that can range from a carbonated cold drink, to a warm soothing taste.  Some are healthier than others, and provide more caffeine that will boost up the human power needed in the morning. Coffee has a...

Kjos: Money vs. Athletics

Dec 30, 2015
According to the National Center for Education Statistics in 2015, about 15 million teenagers are going to school and all of them are making very important choices each and every day.  One of these important choices is to decide either take part in a high school sport, get a job or not do either...

Lane: Winter vs. Summer

Dec 30, 2015
Summer and winter are two seasons that share a lot of the same advantages. However, they differ in many ways as well. Many people claim summer or winter to be their favorite seasons for a variety of reasons. Summer and winter are very similar because they both hold two of the most enjoyably...


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