Letter: Prince provided soundtrack of youth, memories

May 4, 2016
To the editor:A few friends and I were reminiscing on Facebook the other night about the Prince concert we attended in December 1984.  That was 32 years ago, so our memories were a little fuzzy.Someone did remember an article that was in the Graphic or the Lincoln Torch about the event.  I then...

Letter: Flags to line Riverwalk

May 4, 2016
To the editor:On behalf of the Lake City American Legion and Auxiliary, I am asking for your help to represent Lake City with pride on Water Ski Days weekend by donating to “Flags of Valor.” We will be displaying American flags all along the sidewalk from Ohuta Park toward the Willows during Water...

The Old Curmudgeon - 5-5-16

May 4, 2016
The old Lake City jailhouse (across Marion Street from the drug store and Pearl Button Co.) has a new life beginning tomorrow! Friday.  It will become the Sherlock-Matheny Studio. The professional artists will be open on weekends (Friday through Sunday). Jean Sherlock and Dave Matheny live just a...

Winning essay: A great day in Lake City

May 4, 2016
We begin the perfect day in Lake City standing on the shores of Lake Pepin in anxious anticipation of the coming dawn. The sky and the water on the lower end of the lake are all aglow with a kaleidoscope of color! Gulls and eagles stretch their wings to greet the coming day. A fish breaks the...

Letters: Understand and appreciate opposing points of view on Lake City's future

May 4, 2016
To the editor: We all bemoan the fact that America has become polarized on almost every issue with both sides issuing viscous and vitriolic diatribes against the opposing viewpoints and engaging in mean-spirited name calling instead of serious debate. It seems like the “Great Middle Majority” has...

Letters: Sacred turtles don't need rain gardens

May 4, 2016
To the editor: I read in the March 31 Graphic that a conceptual plan to install “rain gardens” all along the Pepin lakeside Highway 61 as part of the MnDOT asphalt resurfacing project will, according to so-called experts, correct roadway storm water pollution runoff. I previously researched this...

The Old Curmudgeon - 4-28-16

Apr 28, 2016
Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) is coming faster than we know. Yes, it is a full week away, but by the time next week’s issue of The Graphic is printed and distributed it will be too late to plan related activities for the celebration. What will be celebrated is not Mexican Independence Day. (That...

Winning essay: My heart lives in Lake City

Apr 28, 2016
We walk on water, in winter. Lake Pepin flows beneath the ice. And less so does the eagle drop her dragon-shadow on the rooftops and sidewalks in the chilly season. Do you know the bird I speak of? She perches in the park across from Fiesta Foods, this bald eagle as fat as a Thanksgiving turkey...

Water shouldn't be taken for granted

Apr 27, 2016
To the editor:Several weeks ago, Lt. Gov. Tina Smith visited the city of Dennison to see first-hand our obsolete lift station and publicly pledged state support to replace it.In the grand scheme of things, we are just a small fish in the pond when it comes to state bonding requests.  The bigger...

How about a sailing center?

Apr 27, 2016
To the editor:Last week The Old Curmudgeon wrote about my idea of a sailing center for Lake City. I want to add to and expand on what I had in mind. I got the idea because one day I was thinking about Lake City, the marina, the number of sail boats we have here and Lake Pepin.It came to me. We have...


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