Letter: 2-lane street would be a disaster

Jun 15, 2016
To the editor: Changing Highway 61/Lakeshore Drive from a four-lane highway to a two-lane country road would be a disaster for Lake City and the travelers who drive through town daily.  Anyone who would think you can take the 8,000 to 10,000 cars and trucks that travel on our highway daily and...

Letter: Other help for chronic pain

Jun 15, 2016
To the editor: As a previous practicing doctor of chiropractic in this community of which I’ve lived for 22 years this month, I am going to share some observations I have made and some viewpoints that everyone may want to consider.When Ron Zeigler and I moved here in 1994, I think there were only...

Letter: Beautify road, keep 4 lanes

Jun 15, 2016
To the editor: On June 27, at 6 p.m. at City Hall there will be another discussion of the proposal to take away the four lanes of Highway 61 through our Lake City. What this means is that it will revert to two driving lanes through that area. The 10,000 vehicles that travel each day through Lake...

The Old Curmudgeon - 6-9-16

Jun 9, 2016
The Old Curmudgeon has a daily view of the snappy maroon Ford pickup that Tom Heffernan has donated to the Lake City Fire Department to be given to the lucky winner of the drawing to be held at the Fireman’s Dance which is coming up faster than anyone can imagine. The more he looks at it the more...

Letter: 'White Cane' campaign raises $1,135

Jun 9, 2016
To the editor: On Saturday, May 7, Lake City Lions Club members conducted an event known as “White Cane Day.” This event was held to help create continued public awareness of blindness and diseases, and to collect donations to assist those who are afflicted with such a difficulty. To this day,...

Legion Auxiliary President: It's time to focus on veterans

Jun 9, 2016
Editor’s note: This speech was delivered at the Lake City Memorial Day Ceremony on May 30 in Patton Park. On this Memorial Day I’m starting the introduction to the ceremony different from years past. For thousands of veterans returning from war, the war isn’t over. They suffer from post traumatic...

Letter: More interested in money than patients

Jun 9, 2016
To the editor: I would like to express my disappoinment and anger with the mess Mayo Clinic has made of our medical clinic. I suggest we do whatever we have to to boycott the Lake City Mayo Health System until they bring our doctors back. Mayo Clinic is obviously more interested in money than the...

Letter: More questions than answers

Jun 8, 2016
To the editor: While I cannot put this as eloquently as John and Judy Mead did last week, or tell you statistics and numbers about it, I can tell you turning Hwy. 61 into three lanes is a bad idea. I don’t know what three lanes would do for us that four lanes cannot.It is well known to citizens of...

Letter: Save parking for park visitors

Jun 8, 2016
To the editor: As I was driving down Lakeshore Drive by the play park different times I have wondered about who actually is parking there.  It is a great place for families to stop and let the kids have some fun or stop for a picnic as they are driving down the highway.Some weekends it appears that...

Letter: Loss of MDs inexcusable

Jun 8, 2016
To the editor: Mother Mayo’s pillage of Lake City is entirely inexcusable.  I’m referring to what must be the departure of three extremely well trained, well qualified and experienced well liked MDs as well as a well qualified and liked nurse practitioner.They have abruptly resigned or retired from...


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