Letter: Don't demolish bathhouse, fix it up

Mar 24, 2016
To the editor: Lake City is park rich. Please don’t ask too much from the small park at Ohuta! I sailed here in the early ‘60s with Bert Gunnan who has passed away. There were two sailboats in the harbor that entered the slip from the north. The marina has come a long way with much being done for...
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A Test of Greatness

Mar 16, 2016
How can a man so uninterested in telling the truth become so popular in a political world in which morality was once considered so important? The leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination wants to build a wall on the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it. That is not possible...

The Old Curmudgeon - 3-17-16

Mar 16, 2016
The Old Curmudgeon strongly urges folks to keep a journal. What we remember for a day, a week, or a year, and wonder how we could ever forget, somehow slips away as the decades go by. Looking through a 25-year-old journal, as he was wondering what he was going to write about this week, he...

The Old Curmudgeon - 3-10-16

Mar 9, 2016
With St. Patrick’s Day only one week away, the Old Curmudgeon has chosen one of his favorite true stories from his adventures in the Emerald Isle to mark the occasion.  He may have told it here before, but a good story never really wears out. He was bicycling along somewhere west of Kilkenny,...

'Poverty Simulation' helps people locally

Mar 9, 2016
To the editor:Food insecurity, housing instability, homelessness, lack of reliable and affordable transportation, domestic violence, unemployment and underemployment are realities for many of our neighbors right here in our community. According to Minnesota Compass (2013), 7.4 percent of Lake City...

Rep. Drazkowski: Budget surplus means it's time for tax cuts

Mar 9, 2016
On Feb. 26, state economists revealed our state’s latest fiscal numbers. They found Minnesota has a $900 million budget surplus, down from a previous budget projection of $1.2 billion, but a significant budget surplus nonetheless.  So what should be done with your money?  Last session, we approved...

The Old Curmudgeon - 3-3-16

Mar 2, 2016
Remember when auto licenses were issued once a year? The first of January. Remember the lines at the license bureau in the cold....and just as cold when the rusted bolt challenge was met and mastered? Today, the renewed license is the size of a postage stamp, and the time to put it on your existing...

DLC: Hold off on park restroom replacement to allow comprehensive planning

Mar 2, 2016
Editor’s Note: The following is an open letter dated March 1 from the board of directors of Destination Lake City to Lake City Mayor Joel Beckman.   Dear Mayor Beckman: Destination Lake City, Inc. has been meeting now for over a year and has 51 paid members and approximately 112 people on our...

The Old Curmudgeon - 2-25-16

Feb 24, 2016
The snowman that the Old Curmudgeon fashioned so carefullly has disappeared into the front lawn. The bit of water that was evident at the end of the driveway has disapppeared. The temperature has remained at near the freezing/thawing point for an extended time. A few more minutes of daylight is...

Rep. Kline: Positive changes still possible this sesson

Feb 24, 2016
At the end of the year, I will retire after more than 35 years in public service – first, in the U.S. Marine Corps and then in Congress. Despite this being my final year in Congress, I still have plans this year to affect positive change for our state and nation. It won’t be easy. Washington is...


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