Dan Coyle

Letter: Ice boats demonstrate city's four-season potential

Jan 24, 2019
To the editor: Several Lake City businesses received what might be considered late Christmas gifts, thanks to different groups of ice boaters from around the six- or seven-state area coming here to race on Lake Pepin, on three consecutive weekends! Some racers arrived and boated on each Friday....

Letter: Letter was uninformed and distasteful

Nov 1, 2018
To the editor: I feel the need to correct a couple of things that were stated by Dan Coyle. My personal obligations and self-interest are for that of the people of Lake City. However, providing for my family will always be first. The council meetings are the same day every month, so I would be...

Letter: Mead's public service commitment is dubious

Oct 25, 2018
To the editor: Having been out of town for a couple weeks, I just finished previous issues of The Graphic. My letter is in response to council candidate John Mead’s letter, which more now than before has many voters believing his personal obligations and self-interests are not in Lake City’s best...

Letter: Focus on issues, not people

Apr 6, 2017
To the editor: I found last week’s letter to the editor written by Dan Coyle quite interesting. He began by quoting Franklin Roosevelt: “The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.” Dan appeared to be speaking out of both sides of his mouth. First by criticizing Tom Heffernan about what he...

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