Ralph dons hat

Apr 24, 2024
The statue of water skiing pioneer Ralph Samuelson in Ohuta Park wearing a hat that has pretty much gone out of season.-Photo by Mama Drone, LLC

Coverage of a cover of coots

Apr 17, 2024
Lake City photographer Ben Threinen took this photo of coots just outside the Lake City Marina on April 9. According to, collective nouns for a group of coots include “commotion, cover, covert, fleet, flock, pod, raft, rasp, or swarm.”

Eagle consumes fish

Mar 13, 2024
Lake City-based photographer Ben Threinen took this photo of a bald eagle perched in a tree eating a fish Sunday, March 10. “Eagle getting early practice run before the Govenor’s fishing opener,” Theinen wrote.

Does glowing sky fish portend good things for Governor’s Fishing Opener?

Feb 21, 2024
Jim Post emerged from watching a youth bowling event at Port 104 last fall to see a cloud, backlit by the sun, that’s reminiscent of the walleye species that’s popular with anglers on nearby Lake Pepin. In May Lake City will play host to the annual Governor’s Fishing Opener.

Lake Pepin ice is cracking up

Feb 14, 2024
Photographer Ben Threinen captured this aerial photo of the patterns formed by the cracking Lake Pepin ice. Ice conditions from an unusually warm winter caused the Frontenac Sportsman’s Club and Lake City Sportsman’s Club to have their fishing contest fundraisers on dry land. The Army Corps of...

Striking sunrise over decorated downtown

Dec 20, 2023
Photographer Ben Threinen was out in search of a photo that said Christmas when he took this photo of the decorated and lit downtown Lake City streetscape beneath a sky filled with purples and pinks at sunrise on Dec. 19. Winter officially begins Thursday (today), and Christmas, Dec. 25, is on...

Fall colors have yet to peak locally

Oct 25, 2023
A photo taken from the bluff overlooking Lake City (above) shows foliage in and around the city changing color. According to the chart at right from Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Fall Color Finder website, southeastern Minnesota was behind much of the rest of the state at about 50-75%...

Colorful spinnakers on Lake Pepin

Oct 4, 2023
One of several photos taken by Ben Threinen of sailboats out on Lake Pepin over the warm weekend.

Birds not of a feather seen together

Aug 30, 2023
Lake City photographer Ben Threinen hasn’t lacked for subjects lately. “The diversity of wildlife along the shores of Lake Pepin is in full bloom right now,” he said. Above is a seagull flying by a heron. At left, below, is a duck. And at right is a butterfly on some blooms.

Pelicans congregate at Miller Creek delta

Aug 23, 2023
Lake City photographer Ben Threinen submitted these photos of a large group of pelicans on a sandbar near the Department of Natural Resources office where Miller Creek drains into Lake Pepin. "They seem to be starting to stage in groups before heading south," he wrote.


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