Miss Doris chugs by

Mar 25, 2020
A photo by Gregory Keyport of a tugboat named Miss Doris passing by Lake Ctiy on its way upstream on March 18 in yet another sign of spring. Here’s a limerick about it: 
 There once was a boat named Miss Doris 
That tugged barges to St. Paul from St. Louis
 It passed by Lake City on the Mississippi...

Halvorson: I am the Mighty Mississippi

Dec 13, 2018
Not everyone likes poetry so I’ve made it a point not to include my poems in my weekly post. Sometimes we need to be reminded of all the beauty at our front door. The following is from my book “When Life Throws Tomatoes.” I am the Mighty Mississippi Although I start as a small stream I have been...

The fair at 150

Jul 25, 2018
The Wabasha County Fair celebrated its 150th anniversary over the weekend in Wabasha.

Poetry: Crossroads

Dec 7, 2016
A poem by Emily Funke What if I took the most traveled road  Everyone always says take the road less traveled  What about when both those roads are traveled They have been traveled so much by now  What about making my own path Follow in no one else’s foot steps  Create a new road to be traveled ...

Poetry: Protect

Nov 30, 2016
A poem by Emily Funke I will fight for you  I will never lose for you You only deserve victory You can’t fight for yourself That’s why I’m here  I will protect you always  Your mother wanted that  I’m sure you will miss her someday  But right now you don’t remember her But I will be here I won’t...

Spring, and poets emerge

Mar 9, 2016
Patton Park was filled with young poets for an hour Tuesday as temperatures soared to a record 70 degrees in the region. Students in Meribeth Kozlowski’s seventh grade English class took advantage of the early burst of spring to make the four-block walk from Lincoln High School to hold class in the...

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