Letter: Trails good for health, safety, economy

Apr 20, 2016
To the editor: I am writing in response to Bob Kohrs’ April 14 letter to the editor to offer another perspective and clear up some misunderstandings regarding trails. When we talk about the proposed Mississippi Blufflands Trail, please keep in mind that no designated route has been decided yet. In...

Letters: Bike trail a potential threat to democracy

Apr 13, 2016
To the editor: About the bike path through Lake City - who’s paying for it? Us taxpayers. The bikers are paying nothing. This is another transfer of our tax dollars from our fuel tax which is supposed to be used for our roads and bridges. The is the fairest tax we have. The people who use the...

Tour de Pepin gets early rush

Apr 7, 2016
Early registration opened Friday for the ninth annual Tour De Pepin bicycle tour June 4. As of noon Tuesday, 200 riders already had registered. Drawing just over 600 riders its first year, the tour set a record with 836 riders last year and Andrea Chapman, executive director of the Lake City...

Ride launches Mississippi River Trail Bikeway

Sep 3, 2015
Two bicyclists rode down Lakeshore Drive Tuesday as they left Lake City destined for Winona. They were among 50 riders who passed through Lake City on the Headwaters to Hills ride conducted by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota and Wahoo! Adventures. The...


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