Lake City Marina

Marina’s winter storage process underway

Sep 22, 2021
A Lake City Marina truck pushes the sailboat “Persephone” toward Marina Point on Tuesday, Sept. 21. Hundreds of boats that populate the marina docks will come out of the water in the coming weeks. Many will be stored on-site. Persephone is a fitting name for a vessel that spends a season in disuse...

Final layer of bituminous put down at Ohuta Beach

Sep 22, 2021
A lot has happened recently at the Ohuta Beach construction site: some of it obvious, some of it hidden from sight. “The big progress to report is that the wear course was put down on Saturday,” said Megan Smith, Lake City’s Planning and Community Development director. “This is the finished layer...

Rainbows emerge after brief downpour

Sep 15, 2021
Jeanne Pietig captured this photo of the Lake City Marina’s outer harbor with a rainbow in the background after a brief downpour last week. Another rainbow is barely visible, she said.

Landscaping at Ohuta Beach

Aug 25, 2021
Progress continues on the Ohuta Beach project. Over the weekend landscapers planted trees and other plants. The restroom facility was put on hold due to a high bid, but other aspects of the project continue to move forward.

More progress at Ohuta Beach

Aug 18, 2021
It’s a little out of date now, thanks to some black-topping that’s been done in the area, but a recent photo from Steve Brown shows work continuing to progress at Ohuta Beach.

Concrete progress at Ohuta Beach

Jul 28, 2021
Curb and gutter and sections of what will be a concrete plaza were taking shape at the Ohuta Beach construction site last week. The extensive lakefront park renovation project is expected to conclude by October’s end.

City recognizes four long-time employees

Jul 14, 2021
The City of Lake City held a brief employee recognition ceremony at the July 12 Lake City City Council meeting for three employees who have been with the city for 20 years and one 30-year employee. The city recognized Lake City Police Department employees Jeff Daggett and James Iem, both of whom...

Local photography on display at Lake City Marina

Jul 7, 2021
The Lake City Marina is hosting a photography exhibit featuring work by the members of the Lake City Photography Club. Each month at the group’s meeting, members share photographs inspired by a challenge theme. The exhibit is a selection of those photos. The exhibit can be viewed when the marina...

Community bikes back for seventh year

Jun 23, 2021
Lake City Community Bikes is beginning its 7th season. The bikes are available at the Marina. They must be checked out but there is no charge for their use. The bikes a collaboration between the City of Lake City and the Lake City Active Living Group. It was sponsored by a grant from the Wabasha...

Racquet sports era at Marina comes to an end

May 26, 2021
For more than 60 years, the Lake City Marina has provided the community with a place to play tennis (and later pickleball) during the warm months, at least. But no more. The tennis courts have been demolished as part of the Ohuta Beach reconstruction project. Some of the parking and winter boat...


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