City of Lake City

Storm costs exceed $200,000, so far

Dec 4, 2019
Estimated costs incurred by the city as a result of the Sept. 24 tornado have exceeded $200,000, Lake City City Administrator Rob Keehn reported to the city council on Nov. 12. And that doesn’t include damage to the marina’s 300 dock. The heaviest expenses fell on the city’s public works...

Final beach plan delivered

Dec 4, 2019
The Lake City City Council will go over the final redevelopment plans for the Ohuta Park beach at a televised 4:30 p.m. workshop meeting on Dec. 9 at City Hall. The plan is the “final deliverable” from consulting firm WSB, which began work in May to help develop a plan for the Ohuta Park and...

Electric vehicle charging station installed

Dec 4, 2019
Lake City’s first electric vehicle charging station is now installed on the Oak Street side of Patton Park. An anonymous donor provided the Level 2 charging unit to the city to install, according to city Public Works Director Scott Jensen. The city will be installing more charging stations next...

Letter: Highway 61 project should take place over two seasons

Dec 4, 2019
To the editor: With only one contractor interested in bidding the Lake City Highway project in 2020, it should be obvious that something is wrong with the overall plan. This is an opportunity for city staff, council personnel, and our mayor to reconsider a project they are forcing on our community...

Electric vehicle charging comes to Lake City

Nov 27, 2019
The City of Lake City expects to install its first electric vehicle charging station within days, according to City Public Works Director Scott Jensen. “An anonymous individual has brought us a Level 2 charger to install temporarily,” he said. “We plan to mount that on a pedestal on the west side...

Highway 61 bid higher than expected

Nov 27, 2019
The cost for the Highway 61 reconstruction project is headed upward, but it’s not clear what, if any, additional costs will be borne by the City of Lake City. Rochester Sand and Gravel was the sole bidder for the 2020 Highway 61 reconstruction project in Lake City. The bid amount is just under $14...

Lake City Council approves all 2020 fees except fire

Nov 20, 2019
For years the City of Lake City has had fire calls on its fee schedule but hasn’t billed for it. On Nov. 12, the City Council left them off the fee schedule it approved for the year 2020. The schedule is a list of virtually all fees charged by the city, from popcorn stands, to building permits, to...

School district open to running summer rec

Nov 20, 2019
Lake City Public Schools will continue to look into the possibility of taking over the operation of a summer recreation program from the City of Lake City, possibly as soon as next year. The city has operated a children’s summer recreation program for decades but began to look for an exit in the...

Oak Street petition spurs council discussion

Nov 20, 2019
On Nov. 12, members of the Lake City City Council discussed a petition to move power lines underground in the South Oak Street Historic District and replace trees removed following a Sept. 24 tornado with more mature trees. Don Schwartz lives in the area and has led the effort. A tornado destroyed...

Highway 61 project enters new phase

Nov 20, 2019
Lake City’s Highway 61 reconstruction project management team has met for the final time, Council Member Phil Gartner announced at the Nov. 12 city council meeting. Made up of representatives from the city, the city’s engineering firm SEH, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT),...


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